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    look outside ur window
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    im 14 i want to be a fashion designer. i attend the best school in melbourne. i am smart. i met doutzen YAY??
  1. AHAHHAHA i really wanna see that US vogue ed!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks SO CUTE
  2. yeah eating grasshoppers make u smart
  3. daria and doutzen 2gether !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be amazing
  4. they have doutzen eyeshadow pallets now
  5. so she caught the coco rocha syndrome??? LMAO
  6. AHAHHAAHHAH every spare minute i ahve at school im talking about doutzen. is it just me or is she less pouty these days???
  7. HHAHAHAHAH im such a forum addict im on at school science sux. ZOMG doutzen is gonna be imitating a monkey somewhere. LMAOOOOO
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