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Guest desire

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Been meaning to do this and I haven't realized how ridiculously huge it was lol.




this isnt all mine... my older sister left a lot of her junk at our house in boston when she moved to providence and she never took it back, so I brought it with me to cali.Ii have more upstairs o.O... some urbandecay and mark products

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Only this little bit desire :blink: I have more shoes and I`m a boy...

hehehe just kidding :D But this is realy not alot. I have frieds which have more, my sister for example to. But please, don`t question why they have so much. I don`t know and I don`t want to know it. But ok, I`m a guy, we don`t need to know things like that :) hehehe

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ehm, I have a lot of make-up, but only because my aunt thought that she didn't needed it anymore in her age and so she gave it to me. But I dont wear much of that, and so my whole, reguarly used collection is one black, one brown eyeliner, make up mousse (maybellinne^^ of course ;) ) and black mascara. Sometimes dark eyeshadow or powder/rouge but not so often ;) I really hate girls who use tonnes of make-up and hide themselves under it :(

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Pff, I look amazing with mascara and black eyeliner, because unlike most people, I take off most of the excess mascara on the application brush before putting it on. In a sense, I don't need mascara because I have really long eye-lashes but they stay curled if I wear some.. it's like hair-spray for my lashes..

Anyways, I have a huge make-up collection thanks to my mother.. who shares hers with me.

Yet I usually only use foundation, powder, mascara, a bit of blush and of course, regular lip- balm - because I like the fresh/natural look.

About brand names, I usually don't care.. because a lot of the time you are just paying for brand packaging but I must say Clinique eye liner is amazing...

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