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Megan Fox

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Maxim Hot 100 Party in New York City - May 16 2007

Probably one of the days she looked best to me.

post-33019-0-1446118864-83247_thumb.jpg f71d7f84622351.jpg post-33019-0-1446118864-88731_thumb.jpg a41d4a84622494.jpg post-33019-0-1446118864-91978_thumb.jpg 5bfdc984622653.jpg post-33019-0-1446118864-95392_thumb.jpg 8b8ccf84622745.jpg post-33019-0-1446118864-97731_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446118865-02007_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446118865-05878_thumb.jpg 179a2284623113.jpg post-33019-0-1446118865-09895_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446118865-13142_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446118865-18086_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446118865-26429_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446118865-3213_thumb.jpg

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She's starting to get the Kim Kardashian face. o.O Megan no more botox... please!

Dress is stunning, however horrible color for her imo, also Ale knees *could cut a man*

Hair & makeup are perfection though! :heart:

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^I have to agree bc her mouth looks swollen in the pics. I hope it goes down soon. She is a gorgeous girl, she doesn't need the fillers or botox or whatever she is getting :/

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