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The loveliest face in Old Hollywood

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Okay I wanted to start another game before my other game ended. I would have probably forgotten about this idea before that one ended. So we have 64 nominees. They will be put into 8 different groups. You know the drill. Here his who we have so far and once we have all the nominees I will put them into groups.

1. Geraldine Brooks.....

2. Wanda Hendrix...

3. Gail Russell.

4. Gene Tierney

5. Sharon Tate..

6. Linda Darnell..

7. Betty Grable.

8. Deanna Durbin..

9. June Haver..

10. Carole Landis..

11. Natalie Wood....

12. Lana Turner..

13. Veronica Lake..

14. Ann Sheridan..

15. Ann Savage.

16. Gloria Dickson.

17. Sylvia Sidney.

18. Grace Kelly....

19. Audrey Hepburn....

20. Marion Davies.

21. Ann Miller...

22. Lilli Palmer.

23. Gloria Grahame.

24. Susan Hayward...

25. Jean Harlow.

26. Janet Leigh.

27. Ida Lupino.

28. Dorothy Lamour.

29. Irene Dunne.

30. Loretta Young.

31. Madeleine Carroll.

32. Nancy Carroll.

33. Maureen O'Hara..

34. Myrna Loy.

35. Beverly Tyler..

36. Ava Gardner (stillinwonderland)

37. Maria Felix (stillinwonderland)..

38. Rita Hayworth (COP11)...

39. Vivien Leigh (frenchkiki)...

40. Joan Crawford (COP11).

41. Ann-Margret (COP11)....

42. Sophia Loren (COP11)...

43. Elizabeth Taylor (COP11)..

44. Hazel Brooks (COP11).

45. Anna Karina (Joe>Average)..

46. Dorothy Dandridge (stillinwonderland).

47. Anita Ekberg (stillinwonderland)..

48. Brigitte Bardot (sagitario)...

49. Merle Oberon.

50. Janet Gaynor.

51. Helen Chandler.

53. Katharine Hepburn(little miss sunshine).

54. Lauren Bacall (little miss sunshine)...

55. Ingrid Bergman (little miss sunshine).

56. Marlene Dietrich (little miss sunshine).

57. Carole Lombard (little miss sunshine).

58. Greta Garbo (little miss sunshine)..

59. Thelma Todd.

60. Marilyn Monroe.....

61. Judy Garland.

62. Peggy Moran.

63. Frances Farmer.

64. Alice Faye..

I need more nominees. If you nominate someone please send two pictures of the face area. We are voting on faces. Not body or best acting ability. So please nominate.

One dot means they were only in one round

Two dots means they were only in two rounds

Three dots means they were only in three rounds

Four dots means they were only in four rounds

Five dots means they were only in five rounds

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vivien leigh

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I am sorry I finished off the list if anyone had anymore nominees. I will get rid of mine. I am just a little anxious to start. So just send me your pics and I will get everything ready.

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The first group up is Group D. We will be voting five points each, like in my other game. So let's get this started. And sorry I had to switch out some of the pictures.

Gloria Dickson vs. Lauren Bacall



Loretta Young vs. Gene Tierney



Helen Chandler vs. Carole Landis



Ann-Margret vs. Nancy Carroll




Gloria Dickson vs. Lauren Bacall

Loretta Young vs. Gene Tierney

Helen Chandler vs. Carole Landis

Ann-Margret vs. Nancy Carroll

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Gloria x3

Lauren x2

Loretta x4

Gene x1

Helen x1

Carole x4

Ann x4

Nancy x1

Fun Facts

*There is a Carole Landis movie on TCM tonight. It starts at 10pm est.

*Gloria Dickson died in a house fire on April 10th, 1945. Linda Darnell (Who we will be seeing later) died on April 10th, 1965. She also died in a house fire.

*To this day no one has claimed Helen Chandler's ashes.

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*edit* changed to 5 point format :ninja:

Gloria Dickson x1, Lauren Bacall x4

Loretta Young x2, Gene Tierney x3

Carole Landis x5

Ann-Margret x5

First voter :ddr: ...and last to send his pics :ninja: ...for his only nomination :ninja: ....I'll send them when I get home tonight :blush: .

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