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Solveig Mork Hansen


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Solveig Moerk

- 14yrs old

- 175cm

With the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week today, the name Solveig Moerk is on everybody´s lips.

This 14-year-old stunner was spotted this spring by head booker Jesper Thomsen and his team of Unique Models Copenhagen, and now she's set to walk her first catwalk.

The expectations are high, as Solveig will be managed by the same modeling agency that represents Freja Beha and Eddie Klint.

Head agent Jesper Thomsen has shared with tFS, that the people behind the Paris-based fashion house Balanciaga already paid the Copenhagen model agency a visit two weeks ago, to take a closer look at Solveig Moerk. Prada and Jil Sander have shown interest in the young Danish model as well.

Because she's so young, Solveig Morek will be sent first to the international catwalks for the next two seasons.

Scouts, designers, and the rest of the fashion lot will have their on eyes on her this week, when she will be walking down runways in her home country of Denmark.

She is fully booked for Copenhagen Fashion Week, walking for Danish designers Lars Wallin, Karen by Simonsen, Vilsboel De Arce, Margit Brandt, as well as Snob & Wackerhaus.

By, Jenni Jet of The Fashion Spot

post-3451-0-1446110067-00535_thumb.jpg post-3451-0-1446110067-02824_thumb.jpg


Personally, I think this girl has got a KILLER look, and I'm going to follow her progression like a hawk.

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I haven't been floored by a girls beauty in a while, and this kid totally did. I usually hate supporting really young models, because I think the business takes a certain maturity (both mentally and physically) but she is such a stunning beauty my jaw dropped.

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Well, it's depends -> but I agree about that modeling can be very hard. But the agencies are knowing how to take care on their girls. And they'll send them in the world, when they're ready in their minds and ready to work internationally.

I can imagine Solveig goes to have a nice future

Sadly, I'm not even all that worried about the younger girls because I know agencies have an eye on them. The sort of maturity I'm talking about is the sort that comes from life experienes and enriches the look in a model's eyes. If the story is solemn, and yet this 14yr old kid has never felt that intense of an emotion, it shows shes lacking a certain connection. If a model is supposed to be selling sex appeal, a 14yr old is too young to fully understand that it not so much about heavy eyes and an open mouth... it's about knowing what it's like to be wanted and to want from an adult/mature standpoint.

As for physically, well, a lot can happen in a couple years and I've seen plenty of gorgeous young models grow into pretty plain uninteresting faces.

Still, I'mm keeping my fingers crossed with this girl. :)

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Visbol de Arce SS11


Heering/Lars Wallin SS11



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th_84012292798376.jpg/monthly_08_2010/post-3451-0-1446110069-23907_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4222319" alt="post-3451-0-1446110069-23907_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150.1"> post-3451-0-1446110069-26651_thumb.jpg post-3451-0-1446110069-28586_thumb.jpg post-3451-0-1446110069-30248_thumb.jpg


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She has these hauntingly penetrating eyes that a little too intense for her young age; I love that about her. Still, she's very young so things could either go very well for her, or she could fade into obscurity in the fashion world and never do much.

Still, I'll rooting for her.

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