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  1. Petra P @ Midikenn http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/petra-p-midik...del-management/ Ernestine @ Max Models & IMG http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/ernestine-glazener-max-models/
  2. Haily Clauson on All about Models featured. I took this pic of her during the show season in Paris. More pics, you can see here: http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/hailey-clauso...l-about-models/
  3. Nastya Tarasova @ Model Plus Milan http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/nastya-taraso...del-plus-milan/ Brooke @ Vision LA http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/brooke-nesbit...on-los-angeles/
  4. Amazing new face! Nastya comes from Belarus and she's with Nagorny Models + Model Plus Milan. She's 177cm tall and has measurements of 85 58 89 You can find more infos and pics in the following link: http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/nastya-taraso...del-plus-milan/ allaboutmodels.tv
  5. Anais by All about Models More to see there http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/anais-pouliot...l-about-models/
  6. Joe reg. the smaller agencies, you should keep an eye on Zodia Management, and in general small Russian boutique agencies, that place their models with big agencies in Russia etc. I would like to introduce some fresh models here by today - SIMA B @ Andy Fiord Models & Why Not Milan http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/sima-bazhanova/ KATE S @ Elite Toronto http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/kate-s-elite-model-management/ MEGAN @ Zodiac & IMG http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/megan-kennedy...iac-management/ ADRIANA @ Exit & uno http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/adriana-mocko...ova-uno-models/
  7. Nico is beautiful. She developed very well. I can still remember when she started her modeling career with some shows in Berlin and now she's having an amazing portfolio. And a strong look. Promising model. This is Eva Kass. I'm in love with her, these polaroids are just amazing! http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/eva-kass-q-model-management/ allaboutmodels.tv
  8. I agree you these models are stunning too !! This is Nico @ Iconic Management http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/nico-poturals...nic-management/ And this is Lilya @ VG Model Management http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/lilya-karatae...del-management/
  9. She's maybe not directly a new face, but I'm love with So Young Kang. I met her last season in the backstage of Elie Saab and she's a really kind model with an awesome personality. She deserves the best success! http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/so-young-kang-marilyn-agency/ allaboutmodels.tv
  10. Amanda from office IM with a nice placement around the world. http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/amanda-rezende-office-im/ allaboutmodels.tv
  11. Yeah! At this time there are many models with blonde hair and brown eyes, even Sigrid Agren has blonde hair and brown eyes either Magdalena Frackowiak, Natasha Poly, Dorothea etc... So this is Anna Sartison with Model Plus Milan / SeeDS Management http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/anna-sartison-model-plus-milan/ And this is Anna Hudson from Q NY and Chadwick http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/anna-hudson-q-model-management/
  12. I agree you - she's great !! This is Natasha Ivanova from Art Podium in the Ukraine. She's already placed with some agencies in the world .... She's a nice girl and has definitely potential. http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/natasha-iv-art-podium/ allaboutmodels.tv
  13. Orsolya @ Art Models Agency http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/orsolya-art-models-agency/ allaboutmodels.tv
  14. Olga Poya @ Merilyn Media Group http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/olga-poya-merilyn-media-group/ Liza Sotnikova @ Ultra Model Agency Love her! http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/liza-sotnikova-ultra-models/ allaboutmodels.tv
  15. I think this shoot last season of Lindsey ... So adorable http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/lindsey-wixso...l-about-models/ allaboutmodels.tv
  16. I agree you the agency has beautiful models! I'm excited to see how Inga's future will continue. Well, this is Viviane Tiecker from Way in Brazil. She's awesome, she did London & Paris fashion week http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/viviane-tieck...del-management/ allaboutmodels.tv
  17. Patrycja Walczak has not a twin sister. But Patrycja M has a twin sister, who's an actor. This is INNA G from Select Deluxe Model Management. Everbody is in love with her. She's great More pics - http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/inna-g-select...del-management/ allaboutmodels.tv
  18. You've a good point of view! I agree you on these things. You should see Patrycja Walczak as well. She did her first cover when she was 14 and now she did an editorial for one of the best magazines in the world. She's super. http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/patrycja-walczak-mango-models/ allaboutmodels.tv
  19. Luca Gadjus is currently on the cover of the new German Glamour in a 13 pages editorial ... You can see the whole editorial here - http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/german-glamou...011-glamour-is/ allaboutmodels.tv
  20. new snaps http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/liza-golden-g...ds-development/
  21. Emma Nilsson is Swedisch, but she lives in Denmark and works with 1st Option Model Management there -
  22. Alexandra is great! Her height and measurements are nice too. I'll check to write a story on her as well. This is Liza Golden - She already worked for Vogue, Marie Claire, Sportswear INternational, Bazaar etc ...... She's with Ginny Edwards, NYM and Storm in London. She's rather a classical beauty with a very natural look. you can see more pics here - http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/liza-golden-g...ds-development/ allaboutmodels.tv
  23. Jeske looks gorgeous! She's for the moment only with Max Models or any other agencies ? This is PAULA. I really like her. Her look is rather "not that usual" but she has an interesting look. http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/paula-stranavova-new-face-mng/ allaboutmodels.tv
  24. Pia is amazing. She's now with IMG Models worldwide. She did an interview for All about Models. http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/pia-van-de-beuken-max-models/ allaboutmodels.tv
  25. I agree you on these. The high fashion business is great. You can't earn as much money as with commerical, but all the editorials and runway shows that you can - that's just amazing. today I'd like to introduce PIA - she's with Max Models and IMG Models worldwide. She's an interesting new face with an amazing personality and she has an adorable smile. I put one picture here - you can see the rest there here: http://www.allaboutmodels.tv/pia-van-de-beuken-max-models/ allaboutmodels.tv
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