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Ines Sastre


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According to foversta's pages Inés' favorite movie is Morte a Venezia (Death in Venice). Description (Play.com) for that movie says:

One man becomes so obsessed by the beauty of a young boy in Venice that he cannot bear to leave, even when the city is affected by a plague.

Now, if there was a movie about worshipper pa, it's name would be Pain in Helsinki and the description would be:

One man becomes so obsessed by the beauty of model Inés Sastre that he inflicts pain on himself in order to worship her.


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I watched today (again) Inés' part of the movie "Beyond the Clouds". She is absolutely wonderful! She was so beautiful I cried! You can imagine how seeing her in motion affects me if still pictures of her make me inflict pain on myself! Her performance just crushes me! I just wanted to jump into the movie and hug her! I had sauna just after watching her acting and I was barely able to wash myself since I was thinking only her! I'd need a brain surgery to remove her from my mind!

"Io no" is released on DVD in Italy. Now I must try to buy it...:huh:

She was beautiful in Beyond the Clouds. May be her best movie.

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This whole threat is so amusing to read! :laugh: 

But he's got a point, Ines is a goddess!

I still don't understand how this is so amusing but it does not matter. I just want to tell what I think about Inés and how her increadible beauty has made me worship her. Everything I have wrote is true. This is my real life. You can laugh at me but please admire Inés, she deserves it.

*GiPsY_grl*, I appreciate your recognition of Inés being a Goddess! :)

I wish I had an IQ of 200 and money worth billions of euros. I could maybe figure out ways to improve (what ever that means! Is there something to be improved?) Inés' life in ways she would accept herself. But I only have an IQ of about 140 (Cattell's scale) and about 39.000 euros in bank. The worst case scenario would be doing something stupid causing harm/problems to her. In that sense it is good I'm living in Finland, far away from her. My part of this equation is to suffer.

worshipper you must love using different color fonts
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Well, I know the cure to your poison :  a nice girlfriend !


Might help a lot, who knows. The problem is getting a nice girlfriend is impossible! These things are easier when you are rather normal, I'm as weird as they come (just read my postings!) I can't blame the opposite sex... :rolleyes: I don't even know what to say to a girl, women have different brains. In some areas they are much brighter than as men. Whenever I see my sister I don't know what the f*ck she is talking about! And when I open my mouth she seem not to understand what I'm talking about! :laugh:

Life is unfair, that's what I have learned for good.

I guess you foversta have a nice girlfriend since you are so handsome and nice (have seen your pic in your site).

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I remembered something. About 15 years ago when I was 19 I gave private lessons in mathematics to a 18 years old girl. She was nice and good looking. I teached her math the best I could (accually I was suprised myself about my teaching skills). I tought that If the girl were interested I would start dating her anytime. Well, absolutely nothing happened. She passed her exam and I never saw her since. I teached her math and she teached me how unattractive I am... ...those were the most intimate moments I have had with a girl, sitting side by side and doing math problems...


As hopeless as it is I can as well dream of a goddess like Inés... :rolleyes:

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What is great about these forums is that it does not matter how you look, only what you write. That is a huge levelling to me. I realise I have communicated here with girls without even realising it. ChilaX was the first forum I registered on over year ago. It is awesome to be able to communicate without being ashamed of how you look. Googling Inés brought me to ChilaX. Now I have at least a virtual social life!


But now it is time to get some sleep, working day tomorroy...

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