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Ines Sastre


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Can you recall the first time you saw pics of Inés?

I can't recall when I saw pictures of Inés for the first time. It's really weird now, but it has to do something with the fact that her beauty is extremely sophisticated. Internet is full of pictures of very beautiful women, and it takes a while before you have "sorted out" the most beautiful ones. These years have been very educational. I have learned so much about beauty.

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this thread is absolutely HILARIOUS.
To me this is serious stuff. :huh:
worshipper, y'alls insane.  lol.  just a quick question ---- what do you think ines' reaction would be to know that you inflicted pain to yourself in order to worship her?
I really don't know what Inés would think. I hope she would be flattered about it. She has got nothing to worry about. I do everything because I want to. Watching pictures of her is increadibly enjoyable, all the pain I inflict on myself is insignificant compared to that. I wish I could inflict much stronger pain, to lose my conciousness due to it. I could never thank her enough for everything. She became a model and an actresss so men around the world can enjoy her beauty. She is always so elegant and wonderful. My life would be empty if she didn't exist.

I am a male. Evolution has programmed me to go nuts whenever I see a beautiful female. Now, Inés Sastre happens to be the most beautiful creature I have seen in my life. It's only normal how I react to pictures of her. It would be very strange if I would not want to worship her.

I'm not insane, I'm normal. Inés Sastre is not normal, she is a Goddess.

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Found in a february 90 Vogue.
Makes sense.

When I saw that picture I though something is wrong. I looked it again and realised the aspect ratio is off. If the picture is stretched by about 4-5% it looks right to me. What do you think? I believe her facial proportions have burned into my brain! The mistake must be in the mazagine.


Original (left) and 4% horizontally stretched (right)

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I wonder how many men on this planet thinks Inés Sastre is the most beautiful woman ever lived.

Only 1 (me) ?

Only 10 ?

Only 100 ?

Only 1.000 ?

Only 10.000 ?

Only 100.000 ?

Only 1.000.000 ?

Only 10.000.000 ?

Only 100.000.000 ?

Only ?

All men in the world ?

What is your guess? I'd say 1973.

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Wouldn't it be great if Inés Sastre had an official website? It would not be about pics of her (foversta's excellent pages are for that) but it would be like this:

It would be a paysite. Running a website is not free. At least all costs should be covered and Inés should profit from it. I would happily pay $30 every month. For the money the subscribers would get the priviledge to worship her writing messages on the site. Inés could read (and hopefully enjoy) those messages and perhaps even response them! If Inés had a problem in her life, she could ask for solutions or opinions from her worshippers. We all do have strong knowledge on certain things and it would be an increadible honour to be able to help her. The more worshippers the larger is the knowledge. Worshippers would be honoured to search for answers to help her out. The name of the site could be something like:


What do you think about this? As a worshipper I can't help getting this kind of ideas.

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I watched today (again) Inés' part of the movie "Beyond the Clouds". She is absolutely wonderful! She was so beautiful I cried! You can imagine how seeing her in motion affects me if still pictures of her make me inflict pain on myself! Her performance just crushes me! I just wanted to jump into the movie and hug her! I had sauna just after watching her acting and I was barely able to wash myself since I was thinking only her! I'd need a brain surgery to remove her from my mind!

"Io no" is released on DVD in Italy. Now I must try to buy it...:huh:

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if still pictures of her make me inflict pain on myself!

Hopefully this would only be pain from... ahem, "overstimulating" "something."

No, pictures of her makes me want to worship her and part of that is inflicting real pain on myself. If you are interested about the details you have to PM me (I would be censored here).

What comes to "overstimulating something", yes I do masturbate watching her pictures. That part of the worship is most enjoyable.

Haha u make me laugh much you know whorshipper

Well, its nice if I amuse you, but I don't see what's so funny in worshipping somebody so deeply you hurt yourself! It is serious. Women are capable of destroying men so easily. Girls, you are able to bring your boyfriends/men on their knees just snapping your fingers if you want to be cruel!

this is just sexy


Yes, so beautiful, elegant and sexy! Watching her is intoxicating and wonderful! Suddenly there is this urge to worship and suffer...

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