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Ines Sastre


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Dark brown

Eye colour: Brown

Date of Birth: November 21, 1973

Place of Birth: Valladolid, Spain

Height: 5' 9'' ; 1' 75 cm


Measurements: 33-25-34 ; 84-64-86

Shoe size: (Eur) 38 : (US) 6

Agencies: 'City Models', Paris; 'Karin Models', New York; 'SS & M', Spain

Advertisements: Alvarez Valls, American Legend, Ann Taylor, Bally, Chaumet, Clinique 'Happy' fragrance, El Cortes Ingles, Georges Rech, Giorgio Grati, Givenchy 'Gentleman' fragrance, J.Crew, J.P. Tod's, Lancôme, Lancôme 'Aroma Tonic' & 'Trésor' fragrances, Max Factor, Mango, Puig Doria, Rodier, Tag Heuer, Vivelle

Hobbies: Horseback riding, playing golf, swimming

Short bio : By the age of 12, Inès had already appeared in a TV commercial. As a result of this she secured a part in the film, 'El Dorado'. At 15 years old she won the 1989 Elite 'Look of the Year' contest but refused to sign on with Elite, preferring instead to stay at school, later going on to study French Literature at La Sorbonne University in Paris. Inès has since progressed her acting career by appearing in the films 'Johanna D'Arc of Mongolia', 'Fuga dal Paradiso', 'Par Delà Les Nuages', 'Sabrina', 'Il Testimone Dello Sposo' and 'The Best Man'. She is an ambassador for UNICEF and was also one of the Spanish representatives at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Inès speaks fluent French, Italian and English as well as her native Spanish

Links :

Ines Sastre Picture Gallery

Ines in the IMDB

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Thanks foversta for starting this thread! I feel a little bit of redundance with all these forums, I'm not so sure I will register all of them. Let's see...

I am trying to hang out in ChilaX the next 3 weeks. Before that I won't be active in the other forums. This is so confusing. We are losing our home (ChilaX) and there is too many options for a new one! :ermm:

Btw, nice collection of smileys in this forum! I wish we had a "worship" smiley, since I would use it extensively in this thread!

is31-24.jpg :wub: :heart:

EDIT: worship smiley found! So, let's worship!


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LimaX => Bellazon! That's why I tought this forum was down! Okey, now when the mighty ChilaX is history, I must continue Inés Sastre worship here.

In real life I'm absolutely nothing.

In my dreams I'm Inés Sastre's slave.

When I'm dreaming in my dreams I'm Inés Sastre's acquaintance.

In the dreams of the dreams in my dreams I'm Inés Sastre's boyfriend.

Dreaming about being her husband is just impossible...

All men around the world should share the same religion, worship of goddess Inés Sastre. There wouldn't be any religious conflicts and wars anymore. There would be peace (of mind). Life would have a meaning. So, 2000 years from now they better believe in Inés Sastre instead of all kind of stupid "gods". Be a part of this religious revolution. Resign from your church and become a Inés Sastre worshipper! Spread the word and have a meaningful life! That's what I did.

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