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Europe 5 - Love this girl :heart:

Love her voice, love the way she used to dance, her body was just perfection before the babies and the junk food.

I've watched her show in Vegas (I am a slave for you album) about 2856 times and i am still not getting tire of it (Y)

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Going by prime

*edit* I see you have criteria, since its your comp I'll go with that :laugh: . Only I'll cound talent x3 :whistle: .

Vote 1-5 on looks, talent, likeability, your general opinion.

Looks - 3- Average yet charming face, genuine smile, good body (better than the girls in the current VS commercials :ninja: )

Talent - 2 - Good though not amazing dancer (better than most of her successors though) but poor live singer/average singing voice (shaky pitch, no range, no power ect.) greatly enhanced by studio technology.

Likeability - 3 - always seemed really nice to me :) , but her antics of course take from some of that likeability by default.

General Opinion - 3 :)

= NA - 2.5 :) .

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