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Adriana Mockovciakova

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First Name: Adriana

Last Name: Mockovciakova

Nationality: Slovakian

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: January 28

Place of Birth: Slovakia

Height: 5'8" ; 173cm

Measurements: (US) 33-23-34 ; (EU) 84-59-86

Dress Size: (US) 2-4 ; (EU) 32-34

Shoe Size:

Agency: ?

I figured since she was so confident in the polaroids was curious to see how she'd translate to editoials :drool: .

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She's 16 years old now, started modeling at 14, She won a model search with Exit Models and La Femme magazine. There's an interview with Adriana here (not in English) and she mentions that school is her priority - which is good to hear considering she is so young.


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Upcoming Models

Femme Fatale 2010 - Adriana Mockovčiaková

September 03, 2011 od Author: Branislav Majcher , Manekýnka.sk

In January, we informed you about the Femme Fatale competition and its´ six finalists that was created by La Femme magazine in cooperation with modeling agency Exit. Readers of the monthly fashion mag have today the honour to meet their Femme Fatale, who is no one other but 14-years old Adriana Mockovčiaková from Myjava (translators´ note - that´s the place we have a cottage in :ddr: :D ) . Together with the Exit agency, we would like to introduce this interesting girl to you in a short interview. Since the last summer, Adriana has gained considerably lot of experience - she went through several shootings, a fashion show during the F/W Bratislava Fashion Days 2009 for Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, as well as victorious shooting of La Femme cover and editorial in the cooperation with a world-known and successful photographer Marcel Gonzales-Ortiz. Adriana is recently in Tokio, experiencing her first foreign work stay.

What would you say about yourself, who is Adriana Mockovčiaková?

Just a humble person from little town.

Why did you signed to the Femme Fatale competition?

It was actually my aunt who did it - I would never even dare.

Who supports you the most in this decision?

I feel a great support especially from my mum, the whole family, but they also help me a lot in my agency.

How do you perceive yourself, being on the cover of the mag? Do you feel like it´s you? Do you apprehend your beauty?

I was grown up in modesty and believe that beauty is not the most important thing in this world. When I saw my cover, I could not believe it was me.

How was your first cooperation with a professional photographer of such a world-wide name as Marcel Gonzales-Ortiz?

I have already worked with Marcel, and everytime it is a whole new and great cooperation that I can only praise.

And how is the cooperation with a modeling agency EXIT M.M.?

It´s more than just cooperation, it´s a family. I can always rely upon them, they try to help me with everything and comply with me.

What do you think about modeling and what do you expect from it?

I don´t talk about my dreams, because they could have not come true.

What awaits you in the nearest months?

Today I´m leaving for a two-month long stay in Tokyo and I´ll do everything for it to be perfect and successful.

Which country interests you the most when it goes to modeling?

I love Italy, but I´m also lured by Asian culture and architecture.

Besides modeling, what would you like to dedicate yourself to? Do you already have the image?

Modeling is not my priority - the school for sure is!!

What attracts you more - shooting or catwalk?

I´d like not to compare these two - both have its spirit.

Do you like fashion and fashion world as a whole? Do you live by fashion or are you the type that just perceives it like a normal part of this world?

I´m just starting with modeling. Fashion is interesting, but my priorities are and will be my family and school.

Which zodiac sign are you?



I love sport, playing basketball and I love horse riding.

Thank you.

Thank you too.

Nationality: Slovakian

Town of birth: Myjava

Year: 1996

Height: 173 cm

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Measurements: 82-58-86

Exit Model Management

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"Éra Luxusu" ("The Era of Luxury") in Harper's Bazaar Czech Republic November 2012

Photographer: Anna Kova?i?

Stylist: Martina Gvizdová

Hair: Lucie Capková for Alterna Studio Red Hair

Make-up: Hristina Georgievska

Production: Patrik Bures

Model: Adriana Mockovciakova

Source: visualoptimism.blogspot.com

image.png 001_image.jpg 002_image.png 003_image.png

004_image.png 005_image.png 006_image.png

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