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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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@loh_keeh and @toodarnhot Thank you for those updates!


I am not a fan of Stella, but I think Aiden is absolutely beautiful. She was a stand out in the show for me and I am thrilled to see her shooting for VS....just hope it's not white wall, I am so over and done and bored with that shit. It looks like PINK. I also think Lorena is drop dead gorgeous, her and Cindy Mello are two people I have been wanting to do VS...just once again, not white wall....but we shall see...I guess if they're in Miami, they are going to have background and whatnot..why else travel, right? So I'm keeping my hopes up. 


I prefer Lorena and Aiden over several of the Angels...I'd rather have them shooting than Sara, Stella, Martha, and Lais and even Elsa anymore, whom I used to adore. I like Josephine, Romee, Candice, Behati (do those two even do VS anymore, I dont know I havent seen any recently but I could be super wrong) and Lily (whom I love, but she is done with VS I think?). I need to update myself lol


I was thinking today about how glad I am Jac and Kate G aren't Angels anymore. They were so plain and unmemorable for me. I still don't understand what VS saw in them. I am glad Selita, KK, and Izabel didn't stay long. Chanel and Karlie, too. glad they are not there anymore even though I loooove Karlie...her HF work is STUNNING. 


I wish Doutzen was still an Angel. Sometimes her face and six pack muscley body was too harsh looking for me, but she was beautiful and sweet and great for VS. 

I still wish Jourdan Dunn and Barbara Palvin had been made Angels. 


Just random thoughts. 

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13 hours ago, toodarnhot said:

Swim is officially back. Taylor was shooting swim in Cali today. I’m wondering if that’s what they’re doing in Miami as well. 


Edit: Taylor was also shooting a new perfume campaign. Tease Dreamer. 

That is fantastic news, as least for me! I do not care too much for lingerie shoots and I obviously HATE white wall...but I looove swim and VSX. 

I would love to see Barbara, Lorena, Grace, Taylor, Candice and Behati (I hope!!) and Lily ( I'm sure she won't if she's even still with VS) shoot for swim. 


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just this week I started making profiles of the angels and current models of VS, from his first job to the present and watching the past sessions, especially in the case of Lais or Jaz see their beginnings and see such spectacular sessions of swimming photos, I felt sad and I longed for those years, I just hope they return with the same quality as before, I HATE THE WHITE WALL, it is bland and boring and for me that does not sell.

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Lo and Grace on the same shoot. :chicken: VS better not play me and not have them together. 


Jasmine was with Adam Franzino today, probably shooting lingerie and the other girls are doing swim with Russell. 


Stella is also shooting VS, but in LA. Not sure who the team is for that shoot. 

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