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Suelyn Medeiros

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That last picture is :shock: :heart: :drool:

That's the type of body I, and I think every woman should, aspire to have.

In the immortal words of Cary Grant, " You're a big girl, and in all the right places."

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Next to Lola Luv I think Suelyn is my favourite Hip Hop model. She's just such a knockout. It's sad that girls with no bodies make all the " 50 Hottest Women" lists just because they're famous, and girls like Suelyn -- who's not only a hot body but pretty too -- don't get much of a chance.

Anyone who likes Suelyn should also check out Lola Luv and Dollicia Bryan.


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^ Her hair is amazing + it's rare to get a girl who suits such a dark black hair colour but she REALLY does!

EDIT: And her body is INCREDIBLE!!!!


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