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  1. as she ages, she bear a resemblance to more and more like her mom..
  2. EHFAR


    wtf her daughter can walk now? where have i been?
  3. WOWWW thats stunning as hell!!!
  4. Oh my god they all look soo amazing with those colors !!
  5. EHFAR


    Thank you! Love the last one I love the first one, whose the other chick?
  6. EHFAR


    verrrrrrrrry very nice
  7. Ha pretty good, keeping me very busy ha and because that my bday..december 2nd is my anniversary with my gf ha

  8. EHFAR


    ^ Ha but shes been MIA for the longest time..
  9. EHFAR


    Wheres the new candid pics
  10. EHFAR


    I'd like these pics, if she didn't look like the hunch back of notre dame..or LA
  11. EHFAR


    Those are amazing photos, like wow... ha what are they all for? just candids? or for some photo shoot? well obviously but which one? vs?
  12. Been so busy with my new job haha thats about it ha

    you joined december 18th?

  13. EHFAR


    wow i like the second to the last one :evil:
  14. Wait was that really her nose before??
  15. I'm alright ha, whats new hun?

  16. Good but a lil annoyed by someone whose on this site mm are you?

  17. ok thats cool peace out

  18. uh ok. The 2nd time around I copied my sig size from 'EliSuperSaiyanv12' , I dont understand why you dont erase his, but you erase mine?

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