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Genevieve Morton


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20 hours ago, Crux Australis said:

Porn? I said nothing about porn.  Nonconsensual porn? Like people being raped and being photographed or taped. People who do that should be prosecuted and put in prison.


Or sued by Genevieve....which is what she's doing!

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On 2/20/2021 at 10:28 AM, Crux Australis said:

First, I would never charge anything for people to access my photos.  As if photos are work.


There is a huge difference between serving a hamburger or designing rockets and pressing a button on a phone or camera.  What is so hard about pressing a button?  Anyone can do that. People who take photos of models are paid way too much. It is a racket and a rort.




Then why aren't you making money with photographs? I mean it's easy right , anybody can do it and you said you can get paid too much? Is the job too easy for you. Go sit in a corner mate.

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