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  1. I don't know whether it was intentional or not.
  2. She really hasn't changed in 10 years.
  3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows? I wonder if we will see them again any time soon?
  4. It is as though Honey Birdette and Sarah Stephens were made for each other.
  5. old photos but still welcome, thanks
  6. Tell me why must VS photoshop her freckles and moles away?
  7. I have no interest in pursuing photography either as a hobby or as a profession. To think of it the last time I posted a photo I took on social media was before Covid-19 broke out.
  8. Porn? I said nothing about porn. Nonconsensual porn? Like people being raped and being photographed or taped. People who do that should be prosecuted and put in prison.
  9. First, I would never charge anything for people to access my photos. As if photos are work. There is a huge difference between serving a hamburger or designing rockets and pressing a button on a phone or camera. What is so hard about pressing a button? Anyone can do that. People who take photos of models are paid way too much. It is a racket and a rort.
  10. Why does she have to be so petty and snooty about who posts her photos?
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