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  1. Ah my bad. I didn't check all the categories and just "women"
  2. Couldn't somebody ask Que Models? Apparently she was repped by them? Seems like not anymore, one might suspect she lied about her age to them? Haha.
  3. How much do you think she makes, and how much do you think he makes as a "Cinematographer" with Bullshit Credits? Money can be a powerful motivator to put up with a lot of crap. 🙄
  4. What do you expect? She is far from mainstream model in terms of her looks and measurements. And certain other brands don't like to hire blonde barbies as much either.
  5. Not that long. Maybe 1-2 Weeks I think? And why not? She stated she'd posted similar content as she's done before. If she has fans and people who'd pay for more content, why not do it?
  6. So any model who hasn't done underwear/lingerie can't be a commercial model? 🤔
  7. Sure. Just pay...man. 😄
  8. You mean imagine SI would make some good decisions for a change? 😁
  9. Then why aren't you making money with photographs? I mean it's easy right , anybody can do it and you said you can get paid too much? Is the job too easy for you. Go sit in a corner mate.
  10. If you post IG pictures you might as well post them full size.
  11. Yeah or not travel if you don't have to. And why should you take extra risk if you can just stay home and make money with instagram? She has plenty of followers and does plenty of sponsored posts...so yeah. Anyway. Not the place to discuss the global situation.
  12. She keeps posting regularly on Insta. But given the situation there isn't really anything in terms of photoshoots happening or travel (at least not the responsible models.)
  13. Yeah sure. My magic mirror told me so, I just wish it would also give me the right lottery numbers from next week too. 👍
  14. I don't necessarily envy them, because it must be a balancing act (Unless you're so incredibly attention...seeker with a very very extroverted personality. Which I don't think is a healthy mental state, but that's a different topic). I mean you have to do PR, have to shake hands, be nice and be "on" in public, while at the same time kinda need some personal space and retain some sort of private life.
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