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  1. Ready to Wear? Where? Outside the club when you've had a few too many and don't notice the obvious nip slip? 😄
  2. Agreed, long hair, short hair. As long she stops wearing those wigs.
  3. Maybe he is asking about the specific brand ? Anything else wouldn't really make sense.
  4. Again you're not entirely wrong. There are plenty of "nice creeps" who are just as weird and more fake than honest. I don't know. There is stuff that crosses a line. But hey some people fish with a rod (pun not intended) and some with explosives 😄
  5. While I don't completely disagree with your criticism so to speak. I am sure you (and every other sane human being) would agree that there is a difference between a DM that says "Oh wow you're really hot in that picture" and "Look at my dick, I wanna f**k you like the wh*re that you are" which is unfortunately a good portion of what they have to deal with. But yes. Ultimately you'll get attraction and comments from all sorts of guys, especially online.
  6. It's just Instagram. Because you can't really ignore the comments unless you specifically block users. Forums you have to seek out and be pointed towards. It's the comments left on her pics on IG and the Direct Messages she gets.
  7. It's a general problem for female celebs/models on IG I think, especially lots of really crass stuff simply because a lot of people think there is a level of anonymity that allows that kind of behavior and because IG allows for a seemingly direct connection to a person. I saw a bunch of really psychotic stuff that another famous German Influencer got (Being told she should kill herself to rape threats) That being said, I can translate the video if you want, although it'll have to be tomorrow, don't have the time today to do it all. As for the content of what she's saying, she does mention in the first video "Some people have wondered i I can actually talk or not. Or some people haven't. Anyway I can speak and I enjoy talking. And this a is a topic that is important to me." and then goes on to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness and how that Hair Style Company has a campaign going on related to it.
  8. As far I know/can tell Daisy Keech is kind of the Queen Bee of the Clubhouse Beverly Hills (or whatever its called).
  9. https://www.bellazon.com/main/forum/47-model-id/ This is where you ask.
  10. Never change a running system! 🤫
  11. Nice pictures but definitely not 15$ nice in my opinion. I always compare it to actual magazines. Maxim,FHM and Playboy, none of them were 15$ and they were monthly and had more than just one model (although less pictures of each one). Digital Distribution costs nothing, and aside from MAYBE a photographer (although these days you don't even need one of them, if you look at some of the Rachel Cook Selfie Stuff in Wtvr...) you have little to no cost to make such a "Magazine" which is basically a small photoset. Should she (and the other models) be compensated? Sure, it's how they make a living. But unless you're a superfan you're not gonna shell out that kind of money for 10-20 pictures, especially with the economy the way it is at the moment in a lot of places. Just my 2 cents.
  12. More like a cult leader, somebody exploiting an insecure attractive young woman for her body and money.
  13. People leaked/shared the content she charges money for, so it was money out of her pocket. I understand that it's a problem for her, but at the same time people need to adapt. Anyway, don't want to derail the topic too much.
  14. And don't forget Genevieve Morton who complained in her thread about the pictures being shared. (And Michelle Schlaman recently too)
  15. Check the description of the video, there is literally a list of the people being featured.
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