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  1. Is it even legal to do see through pictures of 15 year olds? Seems borderline to me.
  2. She just needs to avoid dating Leo, it always feels (subjectively) that dating Leo kills Model careers. 😀
  3. I am kind of curious but does a single picture of her boyfriend exist? She mentioned him more than once on Youtube and that they have been dating for a decade but there doesn't seem to be a single picture of them as a couple or a name of him.
  4. Fair enough, I didn't go looking for the pictures. I enjoy official photoshoots, not private stuff or candid pictures where Paps annoy celebs going to whole foods. 🙄😀
  5. Scolded petty Ex I imagine. Since it would seem reasonable that she didn't record herself and if it's her Ex she had no reason to keep the recording if she made it herself. Just my logic.
  6. {name}

    Stunning model.

    I will tell you if you ask in the right spot 😛
  7. I'd bet money on her not doing that. Not with that boyfriend lol 😀 Essentially yes. Not completely full frontal but enough to leave little to the imagination.
  8. https://www.bellazon.com/main/forum/47-model-id/
  9. You're right, I should have at least added a little scolding and made sure it was clear that this isn't the right place to ask. My bad.
  10. That should be Sophia Miacova Thread:
  11. Can't really compare the two, can you? Being a model means a very rigorous diet and workout, spending quite some time every day to make sure you look perfect, maintain an online following, travel time. If she went the Psychology/Therapy route she'd have a more steady life, commute from home to work, can eat more what she wants, doesn't need to maintain her hair and make up as much, can work out at a more leisurely pace. Easy is always relative.
  12. I see, well your link just brought me to an IG story of hers about some fawn/little deer getting rescued from water, and the halloween knife picture was the only other I could find. I understand you might be concerned about it though, I also have personal experience about it through a close family member who did it, and there are lots of other signs, at least in my experience, most people who do that generally don't share it, there is a shame factor about it and giving her work it would be very hard to conceal. Have a good day and don't worry too much, back to topic. 🙂
  13. Are you talking about the plastic knife on her throat on the Halloween story? It's a plastic knife used by a (crappy) 13 Ghosts Costume, the girl with the Knife is seemingly a take on the Ghost named "The Angry Princess" who is completely cut up and uses a big kitchen knife as a weapon in the movie. People..don't read into things.
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