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  1. How many millions of pictures were taken during this shoot? Not complaining and thanks for all the updates.
  2. Yep. Thank you very much. About as great as I expected. nah, it was better.
  3. I second that. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for those. That shoot just keeps on giving. Hope she’s got new stuff in the pipeline
  5. Clicking the link gives me this, so I guess it is just me. Thanks for the response.
  6. Is it just me, or is her IG gone at the moment?
  7. That one legged pants suit outfit a couple posts up is a very interesting look.
  8. Didnt know that was a thing. The auto shop one or the colorful bathing suit?
  9. Seems kinda close in this one. Just the slightest of hints.
  10. Pretty sure its from the David Bellemere shoot for treats.
  11. Are there HQ pics? Internet search lead to lq ones.
  12. Thanks for the adds. Good stuff.
  13. Hoping to get something for free that somebody else had to pay for? Wouldn't matter for long if I did post the pictures. Mods/admins would take them down quick. Guess they're hoping to be fast enough to get them before that happens? When things aren't posted for free, it makes sense to jump online and complain about it anonymously.
  14. Not yet. Still waiting on the physical copy. I thought there was mention of digital outtakes on her Instagram. Could be mixing that up with the digital calendar.
  15. I wish she had better gigs too but she is still incredibly beautiful.
  16. Wow. Much more revealing than previous work. Thanks for the updates.
  17. Makes me wonder about the previous issues? Yeah its 5 bucks more per month but it seems like a better deal than seriesmag.
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