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  1. I know right? Isn't the issue out yet?
  2. Anybody know where this swimsuit is from? Starts showing up around 50 seconds into the Eats video.
  3. Just so incredibly lovely!
  4. Simple answer, she isnt modeling anymore. Long answer went to https://chickeesvintage.com/ which is linked on her Instagram page. Clicked on 'About' to see of she was specifically mentioned - nope. But this whole site reminded me of something on her Tumbler page: she loves vintage stuff. Click the first link on the 'About' page under "Press" - takes you to https://www.theshopkeepers.com/chickees-vintage-brooklyn/. Last bit. You'll see 'What', 'Who', and 'Where'. WHO: Former model and vintage afficionado Kathleen Sorbara. It appears as if she started a vintage clothes store in NY and doesnt need to model anymore because shes doing what she loves.
  5. Anybody check out volume 4? Hows it compare to 3?
  6. Born July 1986. Its 2020. 🤔
  7. Yeah, I've supported everything up till this. That'll be a hard pass. If it were larger, half the price, on canvas and free shipping? Maybe at best.
  8. Surprised the series mag patreon content isnt posted yet in this brave new world.
  9. Although now that Patreon content is being posted, what's the point of remaining subscribed? Next month is in good faith that the content will be worth supporting. Otherwise I'm out.
  10. That's where I'm at too. If 3.0 doesnt 'wow' me, then I'll be cancelling it right away.
  11. Theres other stuff from the treats! shoot that is better than this stuff.
  12. Why is there pixelation? Seems to defeat the purpose.
  13. Helps that its see thru
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