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Anna Lara Cim


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Anna Lara Cim

Name: Anna Lara Reinert Cim

Born: 10/24/1984

Where: Lajes - Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Lives in:Blumenal - Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Modeling: Just started (2005) - 4th year university student (FURB)

Part of her body she prefers: Breasts (both of them)

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite Movie: The Bone Collector

Favorite Music: Vambora (Adriana Calcanhoto)

Favorite Drink: Champagne

Most handsome: Johnny Depp

Idol: Mahatma Ghandi

Seeking out of life: Professional achievements; Health; Happiness in Love; Starting a beautiful family

Loves: Life!

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shes wat i call a tip drill, her body is nice and her face isisnt

ditto, she's a common case of but-her-face and speaking of butt, why would she say her favourite part of herself are her breast when (although, it should obviously not be her face) her butt is better.

but hey, hooray for another but-her-face... power to them!

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Sweet merciful Christ! This girl has an ass that could stop a war! Soooooooooooo not even a butterface. I think I seen huge nipples though, but regardless, her ass is right up there with rocio...but not as good.

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