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No collection of great goals would be complete without this one...

Lionel Messi for Barcelona vs. Getafe -

And for something a bit more obscure...

Salif Diao for Senegal vs. Denmark at the 2002 World Cup (ignore Tomasson's penalty at the start) -

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Wow siniko. :o Another great thread in a short timespan. And this one shall be one of the most fun threads in the sports section. Kudos man. ;)


Here's the greatest goal of all times IMHO:

One word: CLASS worship.gif


Here's a goal from a peruvian player named Andres Vasquez. This is not one of my personal favorites, but it's really beautiful, and definitely worth a look. It was scored in 2007, in a Swedish league game between G

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I only put this here because of this guy has been the only one to score with his hand (that I know of) and get away with it.

This one by Messi is the closest thing I've seen -

As you can probably see, I'd happily post great goals in here all day if I could! :laugh:

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Lol, Michael* I was going to post a Zlatan trio, (most likely with the same goals), but you beat me to it. :p

My favorite goals from IMHO 3 greatest players ever:

Ronaldo "The Phenomenon":

Zidane "The Master":

Thierry Henry "The Beauty": :laugh:

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