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Very Random Girl Poll: Jessica or Liv?

Very Random Girl Poll: Jessica or Liv?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Face

    • Liv Tyler
    • Jessica Stam
  2. 2. Best Body

    • Liv Tyler
    • Jessica Stam
  3. 3. Best over-all

    • Liv Tyler
    • Jessica Stam

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First " Very Random Girl Poll" is going well and is interesting, so here's another!

IMO, this one should be tough since they're both gorgeous.

:heart: PICTURES :heart:

post-26767-0-1446057997-71091_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446057998-02216_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446057998-58656_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446057998-9287_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446057999-25815_thumb.jpg

Liv Tyler

post-26767-0-1446057999-68935_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446058000-13319_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446058000-38132_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446058000-76491_thumb.jpg post-26767-0-1446058000-97525_thumb.jpg

Jessica Stam

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