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The best model in a music video


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Ok, before I go to sleep :sleep: :p

I was just thinking about starting a competition for the best music video with a (fashion) model.

I still have no idea how we would be voting, if just for a better video, or a better model....or maybe to make categories like:

better model (or the one you like more)

better video

but then again, there were music videos with more than just 1 model......

hmmm.... I am opened for your ideas, but first of all, tell me if you want this competition, because "The best commercial EVER" should start soon also, so I am afraid 2 competitions with videos at the same time would be too much :laugh:

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Not sure the limit of nominations :hehe: . So I will choose between these once I know what the limit of nominations is :hehe: .

Aurelie Claudel "Private Emotion" by Ricky Martin

Filippa Hamilton "Looking For Something" by Era

Jessica Clark "Let It Burn" by Chris Brown

Tyra Banks "Shake Ya Body" by Tyra Banks

*removes Meyer video, now seeing that the video is 95% John Meyer*

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