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Kendra Spears


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Mini Cindy??





Born in:

Seattle, Washington

Lives now:

New York, NY



Known for:

My mole, my legs



Friends with:

Hyoni Kang, Kate Somers


Crocheting, riding my bike, photography, watching Seinfeld

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Kendra Spears -- MySpace Representative for Ford Model Contest

DF: How old are you and where are you from?

KS: I'm 19 years old and I'm from Seattle.

DF: Are you in school?

KS: I am going to Portland State University, studying sociology. I'm a senior, so I have just a little bit left.

DF: You're a senior and you're only 19?

KS: I graduated high school with my associate's degree through a dual-credit program.

DF: So when you get out of school, is modeling what you want to do full time?

KS: Most definitely. I would like, at the same time, to finish off my bachelor's degree while also modeling full time.

DF: What about modeling appeals to you?

KS: Everything. I love any form of art. Photography, design, any kind of art. You throw it all together and you get modeling.

DF: Is it tough to balance the model part of this with your schoolwork?

KS: It's not really hard, because I consider it a hobby right now. All my free time can be devoted to this, and I don't feel stressed out.

DF: So if all your free time is devoted to this, do how you have time for fun?

KS: This is fun to me. Other than this, I like hanging out, do a lot of outdoor sports.

DF: That's what the Great Northwest is known for, right?

KS: Exactly. I like bike riding, I do some rock climbing, hiking a lot, running, basketball.*I dabble in everything.

DF: What's on your iPod right now?

KS: Oh, man. I don't have an iPod, first of all.

DF: You don't have an iPod?

KS: I know, isn't that ridiculous?

DF: Last week, I interviewed Madeleine Albright, the former secretary of state, and she has an iPod.

KS: Everyone has an iPod except me! So if anyone wants to get me one... But if I had one, my playlist would include a mix of Incubus (Morning View) and Hawthorne Heights.

DF: How would you celebrate if you won this contest?

KS: Well, I would start by moving here to New York, which would be a celebration in itself. Other than that, it would just be a huge party for me!

DF: I have to say, it's unusual to see a modeling contestant with braces. How do you feel about representing for people with braces?

KS: Getting braces was probably the best decision, especially for my modeling career. I don't think they should hold me back, and I'm very thankful to Ford for allowing me to be in the contest with braces. It's a great opportunity to show girls that you don't have to be shy or self-conscious about having braces. You're helping yourself, so it's a good thing.

DF: Lastly, any special plans while you're in New York?

KS: I don't think we have a lot of time, but if I were to have special plans, I would probably hang out in the West Village and Central Park. Just walk around and see the place.

Bradford Gregory, Nymag, Myspace

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Born in Seattle, Washington


Graduates from high school with an associate’s degree through a dual-credit program


Starts to attend Portland State University studying sociology

Jan 2008

Enters Ford’s Supermodel of the World event and gives an interview backstage to New York’s Jada Yuan Video »

Sep 2008

Debuts at the spring Trovata show in New York; also walks for Isaac Mizrahi, L'Wren Scott, and Ports 1961

Sep 2008

Opens the spring John Richmond show in Milan; also walks for Gucci, Costume National, Christian Lacroix, Hermès, Lanvin, and Valentino

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Already booking campaigns

No relation to Britney, Kendra Spears is a star nevertheless. The statuesque Leo with a signature mole was a sociology student when she entered the Ford Supermodel of the World contest earlier this year. Fast forward to the spring runway season, her first, where the Seattle native walked for Gucci, Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Hermès, Costume National, Christian Lacroix, Valentino and L'Wren Scott. Look for her in the next BCBG campaign

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So i read on style that shes getting sued by Ford!

After she won their "supermodel" comp her ford agent got her established, got her blue chip clients and then she left them for Next before her contract was expired :ninja:

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