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What you do?


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Sup errybody!

I just thought it would be interesting to have a thread to tell everyone what it is you do for a living.

Student? Engineer? Teacher? etc.

I guess I will start:

I am an Assistant Manager at a New York City night club.

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student *sigh* unfortunately, i'm not much of a fan of school. However, knowledge is a powerful thing especially if used correctly...but what is the right way to use knowledge? How should we treat intelligence? Should we even treat it at all? As u could probably tell i'm a axonometric thinker :/

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I do accounts payable for Rogers(big company here in Canada who supplies, Internet, cable and cell phone service) The jobs great. Not in school , Dont know when Ill be going back. And on the side im an aspiring everything you can think of involving show business :laugh:

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