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  1. monica potter con air john cusack
  2. Sorry if this is a repost, but here is site with a whole bunch of vs fashion show videos and a section devoted to model videos. Their are about 8 or so vs fashion show videos that can be chosen from, you can choose them from the top of the video play screen. The models section is located at the top pf the main screen. http://www.bthere.tv/story.asp?sid=326
  3. When I worked at a club in LA I haD seen models Gisele Bundchen who was with Leonardo DiCaprio, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Marissa Miller. They were all very beautiful in person, but I was only observing from afar most of the time. I got to speak with Alessandra when I took her drink order and she was quite nice, she said please and thank you, and smiled at me- that made my day. I had seen a few more actors while their, like the girl from spiderman movies. Thank for your kind welcomes everyone!
  4. Sup errybody! I just thought it would be interesting to have a thread to tell everyone what it is you do for a living. Student? Engineer? Teacher? etc. I guess I will start: I am an Assistant Manager at a New York City night club.
  5. Hi everybody! I just found this site and it looks really cool. I am actually in the NYC night club industry- scary isn't it! I often see some of your more popular models, and some other less popular in the club I work at. Anyway, I hope I am able to contribute as much as possible, and I am sure I will have an enjoyable time here. Thanks, and always have a succesful day!
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