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Natalia Kozior


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Ok, so today I was looking through PANI magazine, and there was a little info about Nata, and she caught my eye.

She's been modelling for just 3 weeks(!) now, but already earned money for a car :blink:

I think her beauty is kind of a mix between some models, e.g. Tatyana Lyadockrina, a bit of Anna Selezneva, her lips look like Jagodzinska's....

Her mother agency is New Age, which is also Anna J.'s mother agency :)


12148372893451d0xm6.jpg (a bit of Sasha P. here??)

oh and moreover, she will walk in s/s 2009 shows in New York!! :drool:



source of pics: tfs, credits go to original posters of these

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^ :laugh: yes i love her. i can't believe in only 3 weeks she has enough money to buy a card and got a showcard for the upcoming fashion week. she has an amazing look though so i wish her the best :flower:

heres some pics i liked of her esp. the first one. credit- tfs


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need more pix


omg there was a short clip on DDTVN today, featuring new Polish models in NY.

Natalia was also shown there. It was said she's been modelling for 2 months now.

She is so stunning, she looked gorgeous.

In some moments her hair in that video were a bit curly, so I wonder if she straightens them, or maybe they were curled for some photoshoot :laugh:

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While waiting for my visit at doctor, I grabbed some magazine to read before entering eye doctor's room.

It was "Wprost", which is mostly about politics, but also about societ and such :)

There was an article about young Polish people who are (almost) as young as our democracy....

There were photos and infos of more or less known young people born in 1988/1989.

I was so surprised to see Natalia there! I must say she sounded the smartest from all these people.

All of them got the same kind of questions.

Natalia, when asked if she's into politics, said: "definitely, also, I passed matura exam from history" and if there would be elections, she "would definitely go and vote PO [it's the most popular political party here, the one from which our prime minister is), because the programme of them is the one which is the closest to her opinions" (and I have to say, the rest of these young people asked, said they wouldn't go vote, at all :cain: )

I don't remember what else about her was there....the mag isn't out, it was from 2 weeks ago....

Oh, and Natalia also said, that she thinks people of her age know nothing about what was happening during communism, that her friend, who is a genius mathematician didn't know why Lech Wałęsa got Peace Nobel prize 25 years ago (what I find to be an absolute ignorance, no knowing why, my God, we don't have many Nobel prize winners, and Wałęsa is a legend)....

Ok, as always, I wrote too much :D

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