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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)


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i kinda like this picture.




Jan 13
Today we continue to learn about #sustainability through cinematographic art. Do you know the movie The 11th Hour of #LeonardoDiCaprio?

Here we see reflected the power of #ClimateChange and the importance of seeking early solutions.

And you? How do you communicate #sustainability?
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This says Kenya's government invited Leo to film there, the man says Leo's company production is going to be filming there, but the name he says is not from Leo's production company, that is named Appian Way, so IDK what is happening there, haha...   :laugh:



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YouNotMe , Magical , Jade , Barbie 


Thanks for latest Leo related news & pix :flower: 



Alice T & Jade  


I meant to post this comment the other day when you were discussing The Banshees of Inisherin. 

Alice,  I agree with your comments regarding Colin’s recent work 


Jade , I loved Lucy :p 


I was a fan of Colin & Brendan’s with In Bruges , so I was glad to see them working together 

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Thx for your responds @AliceT + @oxford25 :flower:


I always felt like Colin is getting little too less love from the world for his longtime work. :heart:




My mother just called Colin a cutie when we talked about the upcoming oscars :p (and how Lisa Marie's sudden death will affect Austins oscar buzz.) But on the other hand beside from the globe Austin only won one other critics award. So I start to wonder if he ever had a real shot for the oscar. And now Brendan Fraser won CC and Banshees zero... it's still more a oscar race between Farrell and Fraser at this point I think. SAG and BAFTA will probably clear things up.

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I would say DM is a little late to the party  posting these pix of Leo & Irmelin , since these were taken last Wednesday and Jade posted them on Thursday :p





Jade & Akatosh


As to Colin vs Brendan , I haven't seen Brendan's performance , so I have no idea if his performance is more award worthy,  but as we all know often an Oscar win is more about a 'winning narrative'  than a winning performance , and Hollywood loves a 'comeback story ' such as Matthew M years ago,  and that seems to be giving Brendan an advantage at this point in Oscar sweepstakes . 

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