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Leonardo DiCaprio - (Please Read First Post Prior to Posting)

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Alas not new Once set pix , but we do have now a video of Leo  and  Cami and others  leaving Craig's restaurant last night


We do see  Leo in trademark hoodie ,  and we do hear the woman ahead of him ( who looks like Lucia to me ) ask the other man ( I have no idea who he is )  can he drop her off first , and he replies "Yes"


Then we hear Leo say "We'll pull out first "


Not sure who is driving as Leo gets in passenger seat





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11 hours ago, SexyLeo91 said:



Is it me or does Leo look sexy in that hoodie :w00t:

you got that right darling= Leo looks veryyyyy sexyyyyy in that hoodie :drool::baronfaint:


THANKS S MILLION beautiful Leo lovers for the updates :flower:

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