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...And Adriana Lima in a Brazilian Sport program (Globo Esporte) (about a survey)

Adriana appears in the video in 02:45

The video says this:

An impressive result!

The question was "If a Top Model called you out on the end of football game competition ...you accept or go to the game?"

The model chosen for the study was the Brazilian Adriana Lima

The response of 62% of "Malays" was this: Replace Adriana Lima and go to the game"

Ok, this game are the best of year "........" But dispense Adriana Lima? is not possible!

Right, Mr. Manuel?

Mr Manuel Says: The game can be repeated, but not Adriana Lima, she's only!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://adrilimafans.blogspot.com/2011/05/g...om-adriana.html :laugh:

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Adriana Lima cuts her hair

New video was released by Russell James, Adriana is desperate to cut their hair.

"When Adriana Lima told me she wanted a haircut I saw a pair of scissors and opportunity to extend my career in a new direction. I was a little offended when Lily Aldridge declined even a trim. I' thinking a salon with my name on it may be in my future. Love to get your feedback on how you think I did." Russell Says

PLEASE READ FOR MORE INFORMATIONS: http://adrilimafans.blogspot.com/

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