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Perfect imperfections.....


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gorgeous Megan and her less gorgeous skin!

Yes. seen her skin, but also seen some other pics from some red carpet event, and she obviously had something done to totally even her skin. I really wanna know what. She had those holes in her skin totally smoothed! Maybe it was just for the night, and someone did a great makeup job on her, but I would still like to know what it was.

Hmm, the makeup artist could've used a type of foundation primer or filler to camouflage the scars.

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Nefertiti, discussions about plastic surgeries, who had them, how much they had or whether they had...has its own thread HERE. And please avoid model/celeb bashing :) . Gaps, a shorter arm, birthmarks, unibrows and three tits here please. Thank you :) !

ok, sorry for talking about it in this topic, but i was not bashing :yes:

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One eye is always heavier, halfway closed.


Personally I think it's endearing but it is considered a flaw lol

i dont think having a lazy eye is a flaw if your cintia

but if your paris hilton thats a different story :laugh:


if y'all look real closely at Paris eyes... theyre not particualrly lazy... she has blue contacts on <shes a real brown eyed girl>

and if youve ever worn colored contacts, you know that that they make your eyes

look a bit 'wonky' /Knowwotimean?????

regarding lovely Cintia... Everyone has an eye that doesnt quite match the other

take christy turlington for example.. considered one of the most beautiful women ALIVE

to me, THE MOST beautiful woman alive

well...... look for yourself!! her left eye is large and doe like... and her right eye is almond shaped in appearance

whenever im feeling a bit 'off' i just take a look at 'perfect' christy :brows:


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So I just payed a visit to Emily Didonato's thread, and I saw michelabella mention that she's not heard a bad thing said about her.

Well that got me to thinking (which I really shouldn't do some times). :laugh: What are the woman in your Top Ten/Favorites flaws?

No one is perfect, so I'm curious what flaws you see in them? Obviously they aren't a huge deal and you can overlook them or they wouldn't be your favs now would they?

So come on, who's brave enough to "out" their favs?

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