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Perfect imperfections.....


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The beautiful Chilean actress Leonor Varela (Cleopatra, Blade II, Voces Inocentes, Como Ama Una Mujer, The Taylor of Panama, Americano, etc.) has a nasty scar on her upper lip. HQ publicity shots below from her latest film Hell Ride

post-4245-0-1446025764-01268_thumb.jpg th_31655_2008-01-sun-hell-lv-2_122_537lo.jpg post-4245-0-1446025764-04291_thumb.jpg

post-4245-0-1446025764-06863_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446025764-11376_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446025764-1327_thumb.jpg

th_31823_2008-01-sun-hell-lv-7_122_533lo.jpg post-4245-0-1446025764-19946_thumb.jpg

From Leonor Varela On Line

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Ok, not that I'm hating, but they are human too, and I KNOW some girls feel much better seeing strechmarks or acne on models. So post the pics, and point out the flaws :evil:

I likle her, but it makes me feel better that even the most beautiful women in the world arent as airbrushed looking in real life

Major razor rash

Strech marks on the breasts.



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Francy your not getting the point of this thread darling!

We want to see flaws, don't make excuses for them! You can't come in here and tell us why they are flawed.


Exactly! I am not saying these girls are any less gorgeous cause of their flaws, but hey, it does make me feel a little better :blush:

It's not out of meanness, it's just for fun.

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