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  1. great pics. the third one from right on the bottom is Chris O'Connor tho
  2. That girl looks like maybe Maggie Fahy...?
  3. Doesn't look like Kelly to me
  4. Robin Osler is also one of the butch dressed girls in Newton's iconic woman into man with Gia Carangi
  5. LOVE her! So sweet and beautiful, thanks everyone x
  6. with Joan and Renee is Julie Wolfe
  7. Brazillianaffair, the model is Dalma
  8. She's the most elegant model! I adore her. Still a beauty!
  9. Yay. Unseen Marjory! What a doll :-)
  10. OMG! WOW! Thank you so much!!!
  11. The fourth picture in the first message is Dominique Sanda
  12. Again, so wonderful to see more models I love. However the last pic here is no Celia. I thought it might be Patty Boyd, but on closer look don't think it's her either. I hope people will start sharing in these wonderful new threads!
  13. Thank you Nefertiti for adding so many wonderful models from the past to the list! They definitly deserve it!
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