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  1. I, for one, would be very interested in any additional pictures of Connie Sellecca. Her beauty is beyond compare.
  2. I find the news of Bitten's untimely death terribly tragic, and terribly sad. The cryptic obit is also disturbing. What, exactly, does 'died in her sleep' mean? Disease, drug overdose, suicide? In any event, she was a real Nordic beauty. My 3 favorite pictures of hers are the following: RIP, Bitten.
  3. Whilst I realize that many recognize Cybill as more of an actress, I believe her true claim to fame rests as one of the 'pioneer' Supermodels. In that vein, here are some pictures in tribute to her great beauty.
  4. I've always felt that Hunter Tylo's plastic surgery(ies) were a solution to a non-exsistent problem. T'is a pity she did not see the same ravishing beauty the rest of us did. Apologies for any dupes.
  5. Humble apologies for any dupes.
  6. I only have 2 pics of Susan Miner in my files.
  7. Can't believe there is no thread dedicated to this stunner! Well, there is now! This girl is hot beyond hot. Sexy to this day!
  8. SOBUSTY_.bmp SOBUSTY_.bmp SOBUSTY_.bmp
  9. Thank you for your posts on my threads !

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