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  1. Scanned this myself for the site I help run. It's from Ali Landry's wedding! Enjoy guys!
  2. Dead post but hopefully this will help. lol New pics of HT! Not fond of the 1st dress but she looks pretty.
  3. What happened to all the Ali love? Tsk, tsk. Well, here are some NEW gorgeous photos of Ms. Landry. Hope this inspires more posts! Don't forget my site! Glamour Girl @ http://ali.bijou-bleu.org/
  4. Hey guys, long time, no post. Found some new red carpet pics of Ali and I have loads more pics to add. I might not get them all done in this post but I'll be back later when I have them all sorted. Anyway, hope you like them!
  5. I don't have anymore Eve collages but thanks to my best friend, I have some pics from there. She found them. New Ali Landry pics via Eve. So here you go!
  6. Wow, awesome pics crouchrun. What forum did you get them from? Also, here are a few older candids of Ali and a collage from Eve.
  7. New pictures of Ali from a Latin benefit.
  8. Went to the midnight showing of HP on Thursday/Friday. Guys, it was awesome! The house was packed and they played it on three screens. People laughed, clapped, and just really got into the movie. It was funnier than I thought it would be and although I disagreed with a few things here and there, all in all, it was awesome! Although they leave out what what happens to BCJ at the end. You just see him turn back into himself and they play him off like he always fully admitted to being bad. They don't show him begging and saying he's innocent. They leave out Winky and Dobby as well and Ludo isn't in the movie at all. They replace his bits and give them to Fudge/BC instead. Still, the effects were the great, the movie was packed full of excitement, comedy, and the effects done on VD were stellar! I was slightly disappointed that he didn't come off a little scarier and if you are a fan of Snape/Rickman (like me!), he doesn't have many lines at all. Although he does have a few comedy bits that are very priceless and steal the scene. Ron however in my opinion, along with the twins, steals the comedy completely in this movie. It's really well humored but dark in all the right spots. Go see it, you won't regret it! lol
  9. Just some smut for the guys. lol Hope this revives some interest!
  10. Been a long while since I added some HT pics so here comes quite a few. Hope there's still some love out there for the poor woman. In news, her husband Michael Tylo has left her and filed for divorce. It was a long time coming according to Hunter but still, he packed all his stuff and left no word as to where he was going. His loss Hunter, his loss.
  11. Just adding a random photo or two. If anyone has some rare photos of Ali, please add them! lol Please do not post images side by side such that they equal greater than 600 pixels in width -OriginalSin
  12. Hey guys! Long time, no Ali Landry love. Gotta pass on some pics of Ali supporting her home state and raising money for Hurricane Katrina. Enjoy!
  13. Rob Thomas was the singer and principal songwriter for Matchbox Twenty, a Florida-based adult alternative combo that found success with a blend of '70s rock influences, slick hooks, and 1990s post-grunge crunch. The band broke through in 1996 with "Push" and never looked back, issuing single after single, scoring hits in various radio formats, and watching its debut LP, Yourself or Someone Like You, go platinum 12 times over in the U.S. Thomas himself won numerous songwriting awards as the scribe of such Matchbox hits as "Real World," "If You're Gone," "Bent," and "Mad Season," and parlayed that success into a career as a solo artist. Rob Thomas was born February 14, 1972, on an Army base in Landstuhl, Germany. His parents divorced, and the ex-Army brat spent most of his childhood in South Carolina and Florida. He dropped out of high school at 17, and bounced around the South singing in pickup rock bands before landing in Orlando in 1993. There he helped form Tabitha's Secret, and the group had some regional success before Thomas, bassist Brian Yale, and drummer Paul Doucette left to form Matchbox Twenty with guitarists Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook. Their debut, Yourself or Someone Like You, had gone five times platinum by 1998, and it established them as superstars even if Thomas wasn't individually well known. That all changed with a song he co-wrote for the Carlos Santana album Supernatural. "Smooth" was ubiquitous in 1999, and it made Thomas a star. The track took home three Grammys including Song of the Year, and Thomas landed on People's "Most Beautiful People" list. He also married model Marisol Maldonado. Mad Season (2000) and More Than You Think You Are (2002) continued Matchbox Twenty's success, but after years of touring for both records, the bandmembers decided they needed a break, and Thomas used the hiatus to write and record his first solo album. When "Lonely No More" debuted in early 2005, its sleek and funky dance-pop sound was closer to Justin Timberlake than Matchbox, and it set up the April release of Something to Be.
  14. Just thought I'd share some Ali love. It's been a while and no pictures. lol Here you go!
  15. I just finished listening to the 5th book on cd again. I have to say, it's a really dull book. Umbridge is about the most exciting thing in the whole book. Gotta love hating her. lol Anyway, just noticed a few bits here and there. Firstly, my fave part of the whole book is Dumbledore's long speech to Harry at the end. Very tear worthy. Anyway, maybe I'm making a big to do about nothing but when Dumbledore describes how Harry is feeling, about how bad it hurt ot lose Sirius, is it just me or is he talking like someone that has lost a great deal? Sure it could be said he felt loss after members of the Order died but he never reacted heart broken to be honest unless he kept it inside himself some how. I just keep wondering about what Dumbledore saw or was forced to relive when he drank that potion in book 6. If it was an event from his past, maybe that's the pain he was refering to when talking to Harry. He was drawing on that pain to summarize how Harry was feeling. Secondly, is it just me or does Dumbledore care more about Harry than any teacher should or would? It's one thing to feel sorry for Harry cause he's orphaned but talking about not caring who died as long as Harry was okay? Seems like he might have a bit more invested interested in Harry than we know about. Also saying how VD possessing Harry would be Harry's downfall, not Dumbledore's. How so? The moment he possessed Harry he had to flee cause he thought about Sirius. I might be grasping at straws but it was just a few thoughts. Apparently something huge is to come out about Lily in the last book and her green eyes play a huge role. As we all know, green is the color for Slytherin and I'm curious, how is it that Lily is a witch? JK herself said that her parents died regular muggle deaths so how come her whole family were muggles and she was the only witch? Makes you wonder about her roots, huh? And notice how JK always puts emphasis on DD's blue eyes? Hmm seems like I had something to say on Snape too as well and forgot. Oh, I do remember something. Know how that boy (can't spell his name lol) got shut into that cabnet? He showed up in the toilets, right? Well in the 6th book Malfoy says he apperated out. How could he apperate out and land in a bathroom at Hogwarts? You can't do that. And if Malfoy knew about it, how come Snape didn't when it was he they fetched to help put him back together? Why couldn't he have told about the cabnet to help the Dark Lord? And I noticed he could get through the security in the 6th book when he fetched Harry from Tonks. If he knew of the security around the castle, why couldn't he have told VD how to get around it? He could have met him some place and slipped him in? I dunno, after reading the 5th book again, VD doesn't seem all that grand. He had to use Harry to get the prophecy. If he's so great, couldn't he have waltzed in there himself disguised and gotten it? Like put everyone to sleep while he snuck in or something? He's supposed to be all powerful and it took him months to find a way in? Sounds sorta pathetic, doesn't it? Oh well, just a few new random thoughts. lol
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