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  1. I wasn't defending the certainty that those pics were reposted from here, just the possibility. Sorry for the miscommunication. I was just met with utter disbelief and then I coincidentally found hard proof of what I was talking about by reverse-image searching an old photo. TheFappeningBlog 100% reposts some content from Bellazon. Whether or not the new Treats pics were, I can't assume. But a Google Trends chart proves nothing cause Bellazon is a forum and Fappening is a blog run by scavengers who post content from all over. Anyways, thanks for the pics. I too found th
  2. Surprised I haven't seen this one..
  3. You can call me deluded and clueless but you clearly don't understand what's going on. I wasn't trying to shame anyone but you're lashing out like a wounded child. Maybe think about why. I'm not telling anyone to stop sharing content, but the magical thinking that the sharing doesn't continue after it's posted here is ridiculous.
  4. Here's proof they've been doing this for years. Two days after Pinguoin posted two photos to Bellazon, they ended up on the fappeningblog despite the fact that one of the pictures isn't the correct model. I stumbled upon this today because I still haven't been able to ID the other model. https://thefappeningblog.com/chanel-asberg-naked-2-photos/
  5. Yes, they do it every time. Content sharing moves in all directions. Bellazon is no exception, obviously.
  6. Also, the content never just stays here. Bellazon is big enough that it will spread to every corner of the net. For example, TheFappeningBlog already reposted these new Ale pics directly from this thread.
  7. Don't care for the weight-loss or the photography. I've been a fan of hers for eight years and I'm not even a little glad this happened.
  8. Finally found this picture in someone's personal mega collection. I was wrong about the details, though. If anyone knows more about this shoot or has more, please post.
  9. For all intents and purposes, yes it is.
  10. It's literally at the top of every page and Charly's name is not on there (yet).
  11. Oh my fuck. Brandy is a fine girl.
  12. This thread deserves a bump. She is hot as hellfire🔥🔥🔥
  13. You already have posts in her thread. Why start a new one now?
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