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  1. models and musicians have been a thing forever. she seems puppy loved up right now though. who knows how long that'll last.
  2. he's probably clapping her cheeks as we speak.
  3. it's been a couple of years. after andrew, she dated dylan rieder (rip), then cam avery from tame impala, and now she's with devendra banhart.
  4. via cassbird's instagram @dotwillow years ago...
  5. i hope she never works with vs for it's show again then. thick (relatively speaking) vita is best vita.
  6. cigarettes don't kill people. cigarettes with guns, do.
  7. @andreeadiddy, @cassblackbird there's one where she's taking a pic of cass too, you wouldn't happen to have it?
  8. valerio, you lucky fucking bastard.
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