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mc:are you a jealous woman?

gb:no.ahn...once in a while i am,but i`m only jealous with boyfriends and stuff like that.With material things or friends,i`m not,but with boyfriends,i used to be.Nowadays i`m no t so jealous anymore cause i`ve learned that what has to be,will be.I`ve learned that when you`re jealous,it `s because you`re insecure.it`s a problem inside your own.Jealousy is insecurity.

mc:Have you had a ridiculous moment because of jealousy?

gb:i`ve done a scene of jealousy,but i wouldn`t do it again.I`m not gonna tell you.waht a disaster it would be!(she looks for her manager with her eyes).Once i went to a boy-i won`t say who he was,and i won`t say how old i was too because if so,you will know who was the boy,but i was younger,i was really "spicy" in that time.I was in a party,and i had had a fight with my boyfriend.I arrived there and he was talking to some girls.Then,there was another boy who was really cute,and i started to "stay" with the other boy just to provoke my boyfriend.then,he(the ex-boyfriend)came and sit in front of me and i was there dancing with the other boy,pretending i didn`t care.It was he making me jealous,and i ,making him jealous.Then ,at some moment,i got so angry(the girls were pactically talking into his mouth),that i went ther,took the guy for his shirt and i did this(she takes the interviwer`s blouse)and i said:listen,i never want to see you in front of me again,you idiot!And i went screaming,taking him for his shirt and he was like that(she opens her eyes),and then,i went away.I pushed him like that(she pushes the air)and i left the party,really beautiful with my new boy.I left the party very happy.It was one of the first relationships of my life,so how would i know how to handle with it?If today,it is difficult,can you imagine 5 years ago?

mc:And did you stay with the other guy?

gb:I didn`t stay with the other guy.i was using him to make the other be jealous,you know?

mc:did you feel guilty after that?

gb:I felt awful but i was a jerk.I ws so little but i didn`t know.Nowadays i would never do it!Can you imagine such a thing?!(laughs)I f i did it,people would call me crazy,obsessed,maniac.



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she's funny :laugh: Its very true though (well for some, lol) that you grow out of the petty jealousy and learn not to sweat the small stuff. First serious relationships can be a disaster though, so many young hormones and not knowing what to do with them, flying around. I remember quite well. This must have been when she was a teen, her first boyfriend. I saw his picture before once he was really cute. :p

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Tom Brady And Gisele’s Mansion Nears Completion

Posted on 19 December 2011 by splash

American football star Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen are almost ready to move in to their 20 million dollar home in Brentwood, California. The 22-thousand square foot mansion has been under construction since early 2010, but with the roof and garden complete, it is nearly finished.

Making a big move from the east coast, Tom and Gisele will be joining some fairly ritzy neighbors… like fellow Supermodel Heidi Klum and her husband Seal. And just over in Beverly Hills, heiress Petra Ecclestone, who will be making herself cozy in the Spelling Mansion she just bought for $85 million.

But how will their new pad compare to the love nest Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are building for $20 million in Miami?

Or to the impressive 25 thousand square foot Calabasas Retreat owned by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith?

Well we can hardly wait to see this home’s final reveal!

4a07a2165398165.jpg e22e89165398169.jpg e0fea2165398171.jpg c7b598165398172.jpg 5293c9165398176.jpg ad471c165398179.jpg dfb527165398182.jpg 8921fa165398187.jpg 507822165398192.jpg b6452d165398197.jpg


The house is made from 80% recycled materials,eco lighting,water systems etc..you can read more here: http://blog.giselebundchen.com.br/en/plane...spectiva-verde-

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Im so happy! My parents came over to spend Christmas with me. Yay!!!! For those celebrating, I wish you and your families a beautiful and Merry Christmas.

Estou muito feliz! Meus pais vieram passar o Natal comigo. Eeeee!!! Desejo um lindo Natal para todos vocês e suas famílias queridas.


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