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continuing the translation

Marie Claire:but what do you dream about when you`re awake?

Gisele BĂĽndchen:my dream is being happy...

mc:this,you said that you already are.

gb:(she changes the speed of her speak for the first time,from quick to slow)I imagine the things i like doing ...riding my horse,being with my family...my dream is every woman dream:i wanna get married,have kids,be happy,take my kids to school,wash the baby,kiss the baby,chnge the diepers...my dream is having a little farm with my animals,with my family.

mc:do you also think you`re changing about how you perceive love?

gb:i think my perception has changed in everything.In love,the way i work,what i think about people.When you`re young,you think you`ll find a fairy tale prince and everything will be wonderful,no fights,all is perfection, and the rality is that we are human beings,we are different people.And we can`t change each other,then ,the rality is in any relation ,friendship,love,work, you need to know how to give a little.It can`t be always your way ,how you want,i think it`s give and take.And this ,i learned with time.Obviously,in the beginning,when i was 16,in any situation it was always like thiat:"i want like that,no no no"In work,in family,in love i always wanted things my way and with years i started to learn that life won`t be always the way you want.You learn to hear the people as well.

Mc:do you feel guilty for anything?

GB:I feel guilty for not having emough time for being with my family.I bothers me a lillte i can`t be there...When my nother makes hot dog and everyone is there ,eating hot dog,and i`m not.O r when my sisters need to talk to me,but can`t find me.I wanna be there for them,you understand?So ,i feel guilty,a little bit,for not being so close to my family as i should ans as i would like.

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really? I didn't know that! :p I thought he first saw her doing a beach photoshoot in Cali by his house and he watched her and wanted to meet her after that? what was that story? (you girls are my Gisele/Leo source since I didn't follow them as a couple) :p

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