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Magazine Scan Requests


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  • 4 months later...

Looking for a certain editorial from a certain fashion magazine featuring your favorite model/photographer/designer from a certain month/year?

You've come to the right place!

I wanted to start a thread where you could come on & request particular fashion mag editorials that you've been hunting for.

I know a lot of us here at BZ have tons & tons of rare & harder to find fashion mags sitting around, and since a lot of these are next to impossible to find I'm hoping we can help each other out in regards to scanning & posting these requests.

Please list as much info on the magazine featuring the editorial as you can. Of course, month & year, but also please specify the country it's from if you know.

So feel free to post requests for those editorials that have eluded you for years (or months).

Hopefully this thread catches on, and we can share some of our collections with each other.

I'll start this party off - I'm looking for the David Lachapelle ed from Paris Vogue Dec 1994, unfortunately I don't know the title of the editorial, but it's pretty hard to miss ;)

Cover of the issue here :

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YES! PhilA scanned this in Karen Mulder's thread:

Paris Vogue

Photographer: Michael Thompson

scanned by PhilA



I think Kitty is searching for a David Lachapelle ed, not the Michael Thompson one with Karen?

Do u know who was the Model Kitty?

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I will add a couple of my requests, let's keep posting requests until we see the first goal :laugh:

Italian Vogue - April 1989

models: Stephanie and others


italianvogueapril1989notj6.th.jpg italianvogueapril1989noew9.th.jpg

source pics:ebay

German Vogue - January 1992

models: Linda, Christy and Cindy



German Vogue - February 1991

models: Christy




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