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Heather, in one post, I have forgiven you for being gone so long :rofl:

Yeah... but seriously, though. During the book, I could sooo imagine myself strangling Stephanie Meyer's neck for non-stop bitching about how beautiful Edward's pennis is. I thought they would at least pick a man instead of that... sissy. :ermm:

And by the way, Rosalie looks nothing special. *blergh*

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I am really really sorry but Robert makes me wanna kill myself.

He is just not PRETTY enough; I cannot look at him and see my heart stop the way he is supposed to. He is quite ugly.

I have accepted Kristen as Bella, Bella had no real description so it was easy to cast her. But for the love of the gods, Edward was described a MILLION times. And they choose some weird looking British dude from Harry Potter.

The dude who played Oliver Wood would have suited better.

I watch the trailers, and I am going to see this movie, but I Know it will be Blood and Chocolate all over again. Just by watching the bad acting I can tell!

I apologize if this offends anyone, Robert has fans. I used to be one of them. He was perfect for Cedric in HP. But he is not Edward. He will never be Edward. And it offends me as a fan to see him in this movie.

<.< ok I'm done. I keep seeing trailers all over my tv and it drives me crazy. Bella should NOT be prettier then Edward!

Again, I am sorry if I offended anyone. :flower:

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He isn't who I would have cast,several other cast memebers aren't either.But I am curious who would you like to have play Edward??? I cannot think of anyone that could pull off Edward,I would like to see a young Johnny Depp type play him but can't think of anyone in young Hollywood that would be good enough. :actor:

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