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Would you ever get a boob job?



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  1. 1. Would you ever get a boob job?

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I want one so bad. Even more so with having heard your stories moiselles!

One day when I have the money I'll do it. =)

It is expensive, but oh-so worth it! I'd do it over again if I had to! I wish I had done it earlier! :) Just make sure to really research the plastic surgeons in your area. They need to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, as well as a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. Go on at least 2 consultations with different doctors. :yes: Let me know when you're ready to do it! I'd love to talk to you more about it and I would definitely be supportive.

I like forgot about this thread. xD

Thanks so much! I am really excited one day to actually have breasts :D

I'll let you know when I can afford it (which will not be until I'm like 40! omg lmao)

40 seems to be the age most women need.. enhancements.. so that maybe perfect time.

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I have been considering them. But I'm doing my research well before deciding if I would really want to do this. I'm liking everything I'm finding so far, however I did find his video today. Would anyone be able to comment on the accuracy of this video. Is the information in this video correct. If someone who's actually gotten implants could give me some feedback I would appreciate it greatly.

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I've got a nice perky pair of 36C's which is a damn good size people pay for. I'm sticking with them. The only procedure (breast wise) I'd ever get is a breast lift if they start loosing their....perkiness after I have kids and what-not.

I continue to believe this... two years later. :laugh:

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