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Most of the women I know love shoes. I've had friends who seem to do nothing but collect them. So, what kind of shoes do you like? Do you prefer tennis shoes? I know many girls who live in their flip-flops. Do you typically wear heels and dressy shoes? How many pairs of shoes do you actually have? Give us the details here! :laugh:

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ohh...shoes are amazing.i'm not a collector but i could definetly drool over a pair of heels that i want..

i prefer comfortable shoes..so tennis shoes i suppose, or skater shoes although i've never ever skated..i have a lot of black vans with variations of stripes..and of course brown vance.

next on my list is flip flops..i think i buy a pair every time i go shopping :drool: why? well they go with everything, they are comfy and they can look dressy depends on what you wear.

i also have twp pairs of uggs that o mostly wore around the house during the winter..again-comfortable and go with everything.

i don't usually wear high heels but i have a few that i collected over the years..from all the school dances.my favorite ones are ankle straped black 4 inch heels with little metal studs..mmmm..i love them..another pair of my favorite heels is red, with red ribbons that tie at the ankle..yeah can you see the patters-i love ankle straps :laugh:

well....then go my pink heels that i wear most often(5-7 a year) very uncomfortable yet so pretty

i think that's about it :)

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I must admit I love shoes , and I do collect them. I have over 80 pairs. I'm also a dancer so I have a small collection of dance shoes. All my shoes have heels. I love stillettos. :heart: :)

"Nothing has been invented yet that will do a better job than high heels at making a good pair of legs look great, or great ones look fabulous".

- shoe designer Stuart Weitzman

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I like a High Stiletto, and the brand doesn't matter, whoever makes them.. I love Jimmy Choo the best I think... and I have 300 pairs of shoes.. seriously..

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The higher the better!

Out of the 74 pairs of shoes I own, there is one set of tennis shoes, one pair of flip flops and 72 pairs of heels. Lol. I think the smallest heel on any of them is 2.5 inches, and I almost never wear them cause they feel soo short!

I have a height complex :laugh:

I prefer strappy sandals, and living in Florida, where it's almost always warm, I can get away with wearing them year round. I also love boots, knee high, with tall heels. And clogs are good for when it's a bit too cold to wear open toed shoes.

I LOOOOOVE shoes :wub: :wub: :wub:

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I always wear flip flop or thong sandals. I have plenty of them.

If it's cold i'll put on some low white converse or ugg boots.

I hardly ever wear heels around unless im on a night out or something.

Ballerina's are nice, anything comfortable for everyday use.

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btw, zappos.com has some really great shoes every now and then. I found the cutes little retro heels there over christmas


I think my heel thing comes from two things. My height complex and the fact that I'm just the girliest girlie girl. Thus heels and boots and that sort of thing. :yes:

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