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Victoria's Secret Swimwear


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ahhh ok so its just a preview! which means there are sure to be some new adri pics for the actual swim catalog. I mean there has to be! I am pretty sure there is going to be alot more pics of her. it's so early still. I am crossing my fingers. i would love to see her in some swimwear :drool: her body is so nice and sexy

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According to BahianChic from AdrianaFLima.com:

Just so people know Adriana is still going to appear in the swim 2008 catalog pictures...all the pictures are far from being released!

I made a call to Victoria's Secrets offices today (the main offices/headquarters) and they re confirmed what I already knew. They are very very very far from being done with all the swimwear pictures and line. The girl that I spoke with said her supervisor said new swimsuits (which means pics as well) will be coming in Now until end of July!!! So I know we will be getting tons of Adriana pics, she also said this is just a taste of what's to come :)

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Completely agree with you sheebs. Alessandra can't compare to Adriana at her best. Lets see Adriana's covers for a moment shall we. Compare this cover

To these

Adriana is perfection. The most beautiful. Alessandra can't take that place no matter how good she gets. I remember when I first saw this pic from the sexy book.

I thought Hot DAMB! She's so natural in that pic and beyond perfect. BTW sheebshag, you don't mind if I call you Sheebs do you?

I kinda agree with you. Adriana was best to me in 2000! and Alessandra is maybe getting better. But Adriana is better to me than Alessandra any old day!

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