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  1. So hee will be acting as a vampire girl who falls in love with a human boy. a love that cannot come true song titled : I DON'T HAVE A HEART. M V http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywg7QFSv-rg VAMPIRE GIRL AND A HUMAN BOY'S LOVE STORY Credit to MissHakish @ Soompi
  2. Woohoo Hime you made a thread of SNSD! I am not really into their music but "Gee" is Addicting! Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby! My Fav are Tiffanny, Teayon, & Yoona! BTW Yoona received best new actress at the 45th (I think) Baekssang Awards!
  3. I haven't seen this thread! OMG! BIGBANG IS MY FAV BOY GROUP! G-Dragon is my husband hahahaa oh yeah! here are some random things that are new! BIGBANG WHITE DAY PHOTOSHOOT.
  4. oh my gad. I am so sorry to not have come here and update stuff... I was really busy... waaah. I feel bad and I really promise to post some things! Hime & and ultramoon7 thanks for posting in this thread! Btw I have changed the profile set of the Girls, is still under construction but if you can help that would be a pleasure! seems like you two like Sohee... I am more a Yoobin fan... She's Sexay... hahaha
  5. New! Lee Hyori For Vidal Sassoon Credit at Daum & Soompi
  6. Thanks for posting the VS 2008 show but anyone able to find me the bitorrent of it? PLEASE...
  7. oh really? he is like my 3rd fav... Very Cute and Tall haha
  8. Haha hime! I like their "So Hot" song with "nobody" very catchy and fun to listen to it! I will make some video and pictures update later!
  9. Wonder Girls • Members Profile • Min Sunye Name Min Sunye (민선예) Nickname 민죽이 (Min Jookie), 민막내 (Min Maknae), 민리다 (Min Leader) Position Leader, Main Vocals D.O.B August 12, 1989 Height 161 cm Weight 45 kg Favorite Musicians Yiruma, Beyonce, Lim Jeonghee, Rain, Alicia Keys Blood Type A Favorite Color Blue Length of Training 7 years Park Ye Eun Name Park Ye Eun (박예은) Nickname 박여사 (Park Yeosa), 예박이 (Ye Parkie) Position Main Vocals D.O.B May 26, 1989 Height 165 cm Weight 45 kg Favorite Musicians Yiruma, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce Blood Type AB Favorite Color Green Length of Training 0 years Sun Mi Name Sun Mi (선미) Nickname 여신 (Goddess), 미 (Mi) 꽃사슴 (Deer) 4d Alien Position Vocals D.O.B May 2, 1992 Height 167 cm Weight 43 kg Favorite Musicians Rain Beyonce Blood Type AB Favorite Color Purple Length of Training 1 year 6 months Ahn So Hee Name Ahn Sohee (안소희) Nickname 안애기 (Ahn Baby) 만두(Mandu or Dumpling) 안소똥 (Ahn so Ddong or ahn poop) 안여신 (Ahn Yeosin or Ahn Goddess) 야옹이 (Kitty) Position Vocals D.O.B June 27, 1992 Height 166 cm Weight 43 kg Favorite Musicians Rain, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Lim Jeonghee Blood Type AB Favorite Color Pink Length of Training 2 years and 3 months Kim Yoobin Name Kim Yoobin (김유빈) Nickname 윱이농 (Yoobnyong) 백설공주 (Snow White) Position Rapper D.O.B October 4, 1988 Height 163 cm Weight 45 kg Favorite Musicians Lauryn Hill, Eve, Beyonce Blood Type O Favorite Color N/A Length of Training 2 years MUSIC VIDEOS LINKS Tell Me (Must See) Nobody (Must See) So Hot (Must See) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xR5JOp_jO0 Take It (가져가) This Fool (이바보) Wishing On a Star http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF9s-NL2xqM This Time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wzg951vUGA A Sorry Heart (미안한 마음) Irony
  10. Wuuuuah Hime Never knew you liked Jeajoong! LoL I prefer Yunho... so there won't be any cat fight haha.
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