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Victoria's Secret Swimwear


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First one is new to me but tag... TAGGED?!

Might as well whack on a VS tag if u ask me...

Don't even get me started on the audacity of the people running that website. <_< They routinely steal my scans, crop the tags off, and put them online on their Adriana site, as if it's their scans, with no replacement credit given anywhere. Now I don't mind them putting my scans in their gallery, I don't believe in stupid rivalries between fan sites (I am very friendly with the awesome girls behind adrianaflima.com, for example), and I specifically say anyone is free to add my scans to their galleries, even if it is another Adriana site - they all have my blessing. But even with that permission, they still feel the need to whack the tags off, which is the only requirement I have! Grr. And of course, they completely ignore any and all attempts I've made to contact them.

Eep. Sorry. Didn't mean to rant! :ninja: But yes, tagging pictures they just got off the VS site?? What did they do with the image that makes it in any way "theirs"?? :blink: <_<

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^ I agree! And sorry they are stupid enough to actually do that :ninja: Tagging VS images is kind of funny, seeing they are many duplicates of them or a lot of people have them saved up already. Not like its a rare image, or they actually claim, have credits for the pic etc.

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