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The Ultimate VS Supermodel

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wow now this is finally a REAL competition! *so hard for me to decide* hmmmm I am going to have to say Daniela. She is one of the very first original angels and her work for VS has been wonderful and she is stunning. She definitely represents them! [just a tad more than Heidi IMO]

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HHHMMMM....interesting. Those were actully the first two models to wear the fatasy bra (daniela in 98 ad heidi in 99). But Heidi's name is one and the same thing with VS. So my vote goes to her. Also I have to say that the brand wouldn't have been what it is today withot Daniela, so respects to her.

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Heidi - 17 Votes

Daniela - 11 Votes

Heidi wins and moves on to the Semi-Finals!

Tyra Banks vs. Gisele Bundchen

Tyra Banks:

post-644-0-1446085130-35904_thumb.jpg post-644-0-1446085130-41759_thumb.jpg post-644-0-1446085130-46786_thumb.jpg post-644-0-1446085130-66228_thumb.jpg

Gisele Bundchen:


post-644-0-1446085130-69503_thumb.jpg post-644-0-1446085130-72585_thumb.jpg gisele4ru3.th.jpg post-644-0-1446085130-77317_thumb.jpg

Please, please remember not to necessarily vote for your favorites, but the girl that best represents/embodies VS so far. May the best model win! :hehe:

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