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  1. mportugais, your paintings are amazing *____* i'm in love, seriously x) i didn't draw anything in a while so...here's something i tried to do as...mostly anatomy practice i guess [and patience practice lol]
  2. wait, didn't she go back to being a brunette a while ago...o_O anyway, she looks pretty at alexander wang
  3. she looks best with brown hair...gorgeous
  4. her eyebrows are too light but she's prettier as a brunette than as a blonde
  5. yeah, i heard the same thing about canons being better...but idk why, i'm still thinking of getting nikon d90 [although since my friend has it, i'll try taking a few photos with her camera first...to see what it's like x) ]
  6. yeah, it's good for taking pictures in daylight but when it's low light they get...grainy...which is kinda annoying but it's better than my last nikon....it was a "point and shoot" camera but it sucked...which was lame considering it was a nikon -.-
  7. so many good photos here [and lucky you, a lot of you own DSLR cameras ... i still have my canon ixy...though it's not that bad] some of my recent photos ^_^
  8. Janies is beautiful <3 the other girls are just...not my cup of tea...to put it nicely and Olga is cute but i have to agree, is she like 12 or something? :|
  9. heeey...thanx for the birthday wishes, i just saw it now >.< (i forget to check my comments so...sorry .. and thank you ^_^)

  10. thanks for wishing me happy birthday ^_^ (i'm super slow, sorry xD )

  11. ugh, i just saw that you wished me happy birthday >.< i forget to check these comments lol...so..thank you! ^___^

  12. aha, iz novog sada ^_^ sry zaboravim da proveravam ove komentare pa nisam odmah videla :)

  13. never mind, when are these supposed to surface on the net?
  14. i don't know, i just that there used to be more prettier girls, i mean, that's just my opinion anyway, this last girl is gorgeous *_*
  15. ok, no offense to anyone who actually think these girls are pretty but...to me, they're just plain weird lookin [well, most of them, i looked through half of this topic] so, to be a model these days you have to be just tall and super skinny? o.o [honestly, if you saw most of them somewhere in the street you'd probably think they're not so good looking...maybe that's just my opinion...] anyway, i think Evgeniya is kinda cute ^_^ i like her lips and eyes
  16. ^alba has such a perfect face lee da som, korean net idol
  17. :shock: i'm in love <3 [and i seriously need to change my set xD ]
  18. *_* i love this thread <3 <3 <3 and selfpromotion xD [cuz i'm a freak too x) ]
  19. ahem....hello just a small contribution from me (god i missed this thread! xD ) i'll post more freaks later, internet is killing me right now, it's so slow cuz my brother is downloading something -___-* btw...can I please request some pics of asian kinda style pics? like...with geisha make up or fans or something like that.... ^^ that or some pics with those cool feathery eyelashes...just a macrto shot of the eye with really cool make-up and lashesh ^__^
  20. I think that's a (hot) dude nope, it's a girl cosplaying a dude x3 (Ruki from the Gazette..I think I read it somwhere...and I saw couple more pics of her ^^ )
  21. i did that the first time I played it xD i nearly cried because at one point my mom made me go to school T___T xDDD (i started playing it on winter break, but then the school started and it all went wrong T_T )
  22. there's no point in resisting it...Ruki's power is to great >=) xDDD

  23. Final Fantasy X...again x3 I wanted to play the whole game again but I found my boyfriends saved games so I'm just gonna find the ultimate weapons for all characters first x)
  24. Final Fantasy X-2 (still downloading, had to pause it cuz my brother is playing WoW <_< x) )
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