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Your beauty secret


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1. Neuropeptide Facial Contour

2. Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15

3. Drink Lots of Water :heart:

4. Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer


1. Take a multi vitamin,

2. Drink LOTS of water

3. Philosophy Vanilla Cupcake bodywash

4. Amazing Grace Body Firming Emulsion lotion by Philosophy


1. Philosophy The Breaking Point hair conditioner

2. Drink LOTS of water

3. Frederic Fekkai Baby Blonde Conditioner

And get plenty of rest.. I can live without makeup for the day, at the most I use Lip Gloss, Mascara, Moisturizer with SPF 15 and a little cheek stain.. during the night you don't even want to know how much makeup I can wear lol

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I should take a multi-vitamin, they are great for your skin, hair, and body. I try to drink water as often as possible, but I can't stand the tap water in Indiana.

Anyway, I don't think I really have a beauty secret. I do, however, love Bath and Body Work's new Tutti Dolce collection. My favorite is the Sugar Wafer Body Scrub, Lotion, and Body Wash. Smells so good and my skin feels so soft afterwards.

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I drink a lot of water because I used to be in sports, so it's just habit now to lug a waterbottle around with me ( though Arizona water in most parts is just disgusting ).

I don't go anywhere without chapstick. I'm obsessive about it. And my chocolate lotion.

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I would never do Botox. I'm not afraid of needles, but you can age gracefully if you take good care of your body. Drink lots of water, don't smoke, don't booze it up often, wear sunscreen. Of course, good genes are a plus, but basic up-keep of your body should keep you looking fine. And besides, there comes a point where you're just too old and wrinkles are going to come no matter what. Just have to accept it, unfortunately. :(

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B :heart: O :heart: T :heart: O :heart: X!!!

:laugh: botox injections lol... hell! i'd probably want to do that wen i'm old and wrinkly lol but i probably won't cuz i'm afraid of needles.

I can't wait to become a Botox addict. I don't need it yet, but it's only a matter of a few years before I'm going to need it.

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I'm obsessive about my lips, so I'll always have lip balm or lipstick on me. It's really the only MUST make up wise, though I'll usually wear eyeliner on my top lids if I remember to put it on.

I don't wear mascara often cause my lashes are already pretty long and thick and they look almost comically unreal if i wear mascara. At most, I'll wear clear mascara, so they only look wet and not super anything. It's usually enough.

I drink an absurd amount of water every day and I guess I have good genes, skin wise, cause i never really break out. My skin is normal, not oily or dry, just balanced and i have a natural blush. Lol, a little blush helps make it look more balanced, but again, not necessary.

Can't live without? The entire warm vanilla sugar line from bath & body works. I have it all. Lip balm, body lotion, body cream, body scrub, soap, hand sanitizer, shower gel and cream, perfume, body spray and their special body lotion with micro proteins and gold glitter. It's purty...i wear that when I want to be glittery.

If they make anything in that scent, I own it. lol, i'm terribly addicted. The must haves though would be the lip balm, body spray and shower cream. Must smell and taste edible at all times! At Evans request.


I don't mind though, cause I convinced him to wear cocoa butter since his skin is on the dry side, so when he gets out of the shower he smells like chocolate. Mmm....he's definitely started seeing the benefits

Hee hee hee :evil:

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Natural Ice Lipbalm, it's cheap as hell and works better than any other chapstick I've tried, I'd totally die without it. :|

Question for anyone to answer, what the heck are cocoa butter and shea butter and how are they good for you? Are they like moisturizers? All these products confuse me :wacko: lol

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