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The Canadians, Eh!

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List of Canadians I know:

Alana Zimmer

Andi Muise

Coco Rocha

Bobbi Wiens

Daria Werbowy

Irina Lazareanu

Julia Dunstall

Jessica Stam

Heather Marks

Johanna Stickland

Maria Dvirnik

Kat Shandruk

Lisa Cant

Marla Boehr

Tasha Tilberg

Funny how Canada has recently churned out so many interesting, successful models, and yet the only successful contemporary model that American can take credit for is...Hilary Rhoda (barf). I don't think I've ever been crazy about an American model (no, not even Christy Turlington or Cindy Crawford.) Oh, wait, I did think Brooke Shields was stunning in her youth.

What??????? the only successful American model is Hilary Rhoda????? :clobber: I don't think I'm seeing right. Gotta' get to the eye doctor, I think. :wacko:

That said, I'm pretty sure that Daria WOULD BE considered Canadian and she just really blows them all away. She's gorgeous!! She just has something about her that stands out from the crowd......period. :drool:

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She's from Peterburough of all places too.

That town gets flooded almost every summer. It's kinda sad but that's what you get for being dumb enough it live in a valley... but I guess that's why she was a swimmer before she because a model. I think she qualified for the Olympics too.

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^ I dont know if its my computer or she does need to shave :|

def not ur moniter dude ! shall we send her a razor?? w/ or w/o shaving creme? :mignonne:


Bad AdRi, bad !!! You can't use razors for jungle-clean-out. Read the instruction before use :beating:

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